You have such a major cotton panty fetish.

When are you going to just come right out and say it? I know you’ve got a major cotton panty fetish. It’s so obvious, it’s just written all over your face. Does it make you feel guilty ’cause you’re dating my mom? You look at me in a whole different way from the way you look at her though. She dresses so sexy all the time and she has huge boobies but that’s not really what gets you hard is it? Let’s be real here, mom isn’t going to be home for hours, just spill it already!

I see the way you practically drool when you see my hair swaying, or my little mosquito bite looking nipples pressing against the front of my shirt. You prefer puffy nipples to big tits, don’t you? It’s so obvious that you have the biggest cotton panty fetish ever. So many pairs of my cotton panties keep disappearing from the dirty laundry hamper, and they magically reappear later. You don’t have space to keep them all without mom noticing, huh? It took me a while to figure it out, but then I noticed you staring every time I bend over.

Is it cause you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of my adorable cotton panties?  My panties are so sticky and crunchy when they end up back in the laundry hamper. What sort of dirty perverted things have you been doing to them? I’m gonna tell Mom if you don’t just admit it. Tell me that you have a cotton panty fetish. I already know you do anyway. Just cause I’m young that doesn’t mean I’m dumb and oblivious.

I can feel how hard you get when I give you a big hug or hop up on your lap.

What are you thinking when you feel my tight young body pressed up against yours? I wriggle an awful lot when I sit with you don’t I? That’s cause I can feel you twitching and throbbing right between my butt cheeks. You think about me when you’re fucking my mom and you’re probably only dating her because of me. I’ve heard about guys like you. Do you want mom to let her guard down so you can get what you really want?

Drop the act, you really want my tight bald pussy don’t you? Your cock finds me a million times more attractive than her. Let’s try a little experiment. This is your chance to prove me wrong. If you pass, I’ll drop it and never bring it up again. If you don’t pass the test, then you have to admit that I’m right! Sit back on mom’s bed and we’ll get started. Just so you know when you get hard, you lose! Notice I didn’t say if, but I said when! I’m that confident that I’m right about you.

Watch closely as I slowly pull my yellow sundress off over my head. The sound of your breath being sucked in as I expose my flat stomach and wriggle my hot little bottom is so loud and obvious! Your eyes zero right in on my yellow and white daisy cotton panties. You have got a major tent popping up in the front of your pants. What happened? Not able to resist the sight of my sweet cotton panties? Let’s see what happens when I step a little closer to you, my sweet cotton panties within reach.

Your hands are shaking from trying to resist touching my cotton panty covered pussy.

It looks like you’ve lost this little bet. You better slide your zipper down before your rock hard cock rips right through and wrecks those pants. Come on, let it out like I know you’re dying to. Your pre-cum is already leaking a massive puddle right through your underwear and your pants. Do you want to jerk your dick off against my sweet cotton panties? First things first, admit that you have a cotton panty fetish. That’s a good pervert, now beg to feel these against your hard cock.

You don’t get to fuck me but you can rub your cock up and down my cotton panty covered slit. I’m not called the tease and denial princess of the neighborhood for nothing you know! Look at the way the yellow cotton clings to my puffy pussy lips and wedges right up against them. Wow, it didn’t take you long to splatter them in your hot sticky load of cum! Don’t worry your pervy secret is safe with me.

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