I’m ready to be your tease and denial princess daddy!

Why are you up this late daddy? No one was supposed to notice that I snuck my tight tease and denial princess body right out my window. Is mommy sleeping? You can’t tell her or I’ll be grounded forever! Besides, I was just having fun with my friend. So what if my friend just happens to be a boy, or maybe a man would be a better name for him. Boy is he ever a man *giggles*! Just how much of a man are you daddy? Hmm, now that I think about it, I never hear mommy getting all loud in bed with you.

You know I can see you checking me out daddy! You’re so not subtle at all. Your eyes haven’t stopped going up and down my body since I snuck back in tonight. My bratty girl attitude gets you so excited, doesn’t it? Well then, it’s time for you to experience just what a tease and denial princess I truly am. Watch me daddy, and see how flexible I am from all my ballet lessons. All the money you’re spending on them is so worth it isn’t it?

My tight round ass is hypnotic, wriggling back and forth making drool slip from the corner of your mouth. What would you give for one-touch, one squeeze of my school girl cock tease ass? You’re trying to hide the bulge appearing in the front of your pants but guess what daddy? I can totally see it! You even have a drop of pre-cum wetting the front of your pants. How does this tiny little red thong look nestled in between my tight round butt cheeks? It doesn’t really cover anything at all does it? It makes my boyfriend rock hard.

You don’t really think I’m still a virgin do you daddy?

Just cause I’m young doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to make men scream out for me in bed. That’s right daddy, I like older men. They’re so much better in bed and they make me cum so hard! Ooh, you wanna stroke it for your little girl don’t you daddy? Go ahead and pull it out, daddy. Stroke it for me, but you have to do exactly what I say. Don’t go too fast and you better not dare cum! Not until or unless I give you permission to do it.

That all depends on how your tease and denial princess feels. You know what a bratty girl I can be daddy! Now all those times you grounded me are coming back to bite you in the butt aren’t they? I just love having all the power and you having none at all. I mean sure, you could try to tell mom that I’m blackmailing you but then you would have to admit that you’re jerking off to your little girl. I’m pretty sure she’ll throw you out on your butt or call the cops. I’m sure the guys in jail would have so much fun with an old perv like you.

So now you wanna play my game huh daddy? That’s what I thought. Now strip completely naked for me, and get ready to lube up. You’ve got tons of pre-cum dripping out but I still want you to squeeze some lube on your dick and stroke away. Listen carefully daddy, squeeze that dick nice and tight for me, cause I have such a tight little bald pussy. You are imagining that you’re fucking me as you’re pumping away, aren’t you? See, I’m not the naive little girl that you think I am.

Do you have a big huge load built up for me daddy?

Your balls look like they’re so heavy and full of cum. It’s gonna be so hard for you to get to sleep tonight, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure Mommy won’t be giving you any pussy tonight. I heard her getting pounded by that black stud that lives next door. Just to make sure that you don’t cum without my permission I’m going to lock your dick up in a chastity cage. Such a look of horror daddy. Just think, my fun is just beginning as your tease and denial princess!

I can’t wait to hear all about your blue balls tomorrow morning at breakfast. It’s making me giggle already just thinking about it. It must suck to be you right now, cause you just aren’t up to mine or mommy’s standards! You’ll be lucky to be allowed to hump your hand now and then, if I’m feeling generous. You getting to actually cum though, isn’t very likely to happen at all!

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