My top fantasy is to have crazy anime sex with Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

As far as I can remember this has always been one of my top favorite anime sex fantasies. Instead of turning on Netflix and relaxing and enjoying the shows. A crazed anime fan like me brings sex into the picture. I go completely commando and always have the best organisms.

Just the way they move around flying and bouncing from here to there, I just know that he could give my little pussy a good pounding. Him and his friends, I say friends because in my nasty mind they love to share delicious sweet treats.

I don’t even have to watch hentai porn to enjoy it. Not saying that I don’t watch it all because I do. Goku is my fave but most of the anime shows get my pussy dripping. It always shows how intense and are overpowered with sexual bliss, and strength each character has. I just lay there with my legs open and massage my clitty the whole while.

The mind is a powerful thing.

Most of the time its like I really feel it. This is how intense anime sex fantasies are. My mind always goes to flying in the air while having my big titties sucked on by Trunks and getting double penetrated by Gohan and Future Trunks. Oh yes, I shall say it again that Goku started my love for anime but I sure would pass my sweet pussy around. You think watching is intense? The best phonesex is anime sex role play. Those orgasms always make my pussy squirt.

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No, I haven’t been here at “The Kinky Kingdom” for that long but I can definitely say that phone sex with me is something you should look into. I am a mild to wild kind of girl. With so many kinks, taboos, fetishes and more to enjoy why would anyone what to be contained?


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