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Pretty little teens with big tits are what attracts me to anime sex, or hentai. And of course the plot. Without a good plot might as well just be a fucking caveman. This is me trying to make a joke. Laugh now! I’d figure since I am a self-proclaimed connoisseur of such interesting videos that I should give you some suggestions. Here are the top three hentai pornos you can watch right now that I’ve been loving.

Fuzzy Lips. This one is probably my number one, go to. There are only two episodes that I know of and it starts a school girl blondie sexually obsessed with her Sensei (teacher). The only thing she can think of when they are together is sex. She gets soaking wet thinking about him and of course, he can’t resist her tight holes. I mean, who wouldn’t? They have sex everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE!

Mokkai Shiyo? Though this one is short and there’s only one episode that I can find it has sure gotten me off a few times. It starts a very horny couple who can’t keep their hands off of each other. Since they don’t have a lot of money they decide to go to a manga cafe and well, not read manga. Instead, Mei is fucked hard and deep by her boyfriend while trying to not make a lot of noise, since they are after all in a public place.

Night Shift Nurses. By far one of the more extreme fetish hentai I’ve watched. Yes, there are indeed lots of big tit nurses but the doctor running the night shift is a bit of a freak. He forces them to have sex with him, films it and in the midst of it all, ends up doing some very naughty things to their tight bodies. From bondage to a bit a watersport.


Of course, if you want something way more extreme, I do love me some tentacle or even succubus anime sex. That will be for next time unless you give me a call to talk about it.

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