Animal Transformation Calls Can Be Quite Intriguing

Animal transformation calls have been a thing for one of my favorite guys and me.  He is one of my favorite guys because he has imagination.  Being creative is key essential to holding my attention.  Guys ask if I am “bored.”  Dude, I am never bored.  My mind will go back to my trip to Smith Mountain Lake where at the Bridgewater Pier the carp are way too friendly.

Sissy loves to make the duck face when taking pictures.  When I give a blowjob and have on lipstick, making the fishy face over and over again leaves ringlets almost like smoke rings up and down the shaft of your penis.  To flutter one’s eyelashes against another’s skin it to give a butterfly kiss. & I cannot wait to straddle you like a horse and ride you off into the sunset.  We all make these inferences and analogies.  It is simply part of everyday language.  Very colorful language, I might add.

My Donkey Boo

Animal transformation calls with my Donkey Boo, are very lively.  We have the best phone sex, making animal noises, and focus on what it would be like to transform into another animal.  Donkeys amazingly smile often.  They have very round bottoms and a very sturdy frame.  Honing in on the physical transformations and how it would feel to become a donkey is simply mind-blowing.  I want a big booty that sits up high.  Play Trace Adkins’s song Honky Tonk Badonkadonk for me while I shake my new badonkadonk.

My Donkey Boo has a big ole mule ass dick!  Did you know that mules cannot reproduce offspring?  Having raw and carefree sex without the possibility of multiplying like a gremlin is a dream come true.  No vasectomy is required to be sterile. That means my Donkey Boo can blast off ropes and streams of cum without hesitation.  Donkey Boo wants to be a jack so he can jack off and creampie me whenever I am in heat.

Wild Thang

We have all had that special trip to the zoo to watch the animals mate, or tuned in to the Discovery Channel for a special documentary on animalistic rituals and thought about how free other animals are.  We personify these beasts of the wild just as we have the seasons.  Fall cannot simply be, fall, she has to be autumn.  Spring’s personification is primavera.  In animal transformation calls, I tend to gravitate to wild thangs such as a lioness or a cheetah, but my average guy would like to be a donkey, a horse, a dog, or play the animal that is well endowed.

Wilder thangs and domesticated animals are not the same.  An elephant accustomed to humans will not moan or as they call it trumpet, upon orgasm.  An elephant’s ears flutter back and forth the entire time they are having intercourse.  Oddly enough, I must be a real wild thang because I can feel it in my ears when I am about to cum. It is more of a frequency than an actual sound that I hear.  Just as the cobras that dance are actually deaf dancing to the frequency the flute gives off.

Your Venum will spur straight from your trouser snake, exciting all of my passions.

Snakes are my favorite analogy to use during any call.  I often find myself referring to a guy’s penis as his “trouser snake.”  Whether it is an animal transformation call or not, it is fun to use varying analogies that allude to wilder thangs in our kinky fantasy roleplay sex scene.  After all, I just wanna eat ice cream as if it were my favorite thing in the whole world (your ice cream).  So cum play with me in taboo fantasy roleplay and explore your fetish in a charismatic and allegorical tone.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke