Animal Sex? Sure! I Can Cuck You Any Way I Choose!

Dear Pervs, laying in bed last night, I had this crazy thought…I’ve done very few animal sex calls in my first kinky year as a phone sex girl! I expected to do way more by now.


I’ll admit it, I haven’t exactly been pining for literal donkey dick. But last night, my gears started turning…after crafting this taboo scenario in my head, I realized…yes, I’m down with the pound, Justice style.


Bestiality lovers and cuckold lovers, pay the closest attention here.


I get it. Your cock gets hard when you see a tight, hot little thing like me, parading my uncut bull mastiff around the neighborhood. You’ve seen those big balls and that thick, juicy dog dick…It’s like the dog can tell you’ve got a little shrimpy clit for a dick. You know you don’t have a chance with me…but you wonder sometimes what I think when I see that big, furry package in its full glory…knowing it’s all mine…and you jerk off thinking about me helping myself to that meat.


You want to come over and do a little cock comparison with my big dog Ricky?


Your pathetic little boner throbbing as you watch me stroke him to full erection and compare. It’s so wrong, but answer me honestly…which cock do you think I’d rather suck and fuck, your gnarly little mini or Ricky’s fully engorged, fat, wet dog dick? The truth must sting a bit. But don’t worry, I know you came by to try your luck with me. How about I tie you down and show you exactly how pathetic that cock of yours is to me? You know how disgusting it is that you like watching me stroke my dog’s big dick? What’s even worse is that you cum all over yourself when I slide underneath him for some hardcore animal sex. You are FILTHY. 

Pervs, you know I like to get more than a little twisted.


That’s why phone sex is so fun – there are no limits to how twisted we can get! Does Ricky’s big dog cock make you salivate? Would you rather do a horse cock comparison? You won’t stand a chance! Watch me pump both of my hands up and down that big horse cock and milk those massive, beastly balls. Why not? You know I haven’t changed my panties in a couple days just to tease this stallion.


It’s still me, your favorite mistress and fuck buddy, but don’t forget that no limits is no limits! Every time we try something new, we both get so hot. You know you cum so hard with me that your cock wants another round – the first climax is just the appetizer. From kinky vanilla to animal sex, I know just what you need. Fucking your brains out is my goal and passion. All you have to do is call and ask.

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