Cuckold Chronicles: He Would Never Say No To Me!

Dear Perverts, a lot of you ask when I’m going to make a cuckold out of my boyfriend. Wouldn’t he like it, knowing how many other guys I fuck behind his back? Why do I cuckold other men when I have a boyfriend I can humiliate right here?

Good question. The answer? He just wouldn’t be any good at it!


Don’t get me wrong, I fantasize about him finding out what a filthy whore his trophy girlfriend is. But when a girl like me has so many willing sissy playmates, I don’t need to try too hard to work out my fantasy! You know you sissy cucks will do anything just to be within 10 feet of me while I’m getting off. You’re perfectly content to stand by, jerking your dick like a little boy while you watch me play with a real man. So of course, that is why I love to take my sexual superiority out on you.

One sissy cuckold, in particular, knows that I love big cock and I love money.


He knows his wallet is bigger than his cock. While his little clit gets hard in his pretty pink lingerie, he watches me with one of my favorite studs. The more turned on he gets, the more money he snaps into my garter. This is just to have the chance to touch himself. Once I’m satisfied, he can start stroking. But every once in a while, he gets too eager to cum and I make him start all over again. I order him to take his hand off his little clit and opens that wallet for me again while I suck and tease. Aching, straining in that pink satin, laying down cash waiting for me to let him touch himself again. This is a game my stud enjoys too. He knows this pathetic little sissy will never get anywhere near my tight, perfect pussy.


Another of my cucky babies knows that I love jewelry.


My stud and I pick what jewelry he’s going to fuck me in and we drag the little pantywallet along with us. He lags behind us like a proper cuckold slave and when we’ve made our selections, he pays the bill. Thinking about how I’m going to be dripping in cum and diamonds later gets my pussy so wet that I insist we leave. My sissy cuckold watches as my stud and I ice my sexy body down with diamonds…and then I “reward” him by letting him watch that big cock ice my face and big tits with cum, all the while telling him how I would never, ever let him even touch me. It’s sublime.


You see? Why would I cuckold my boyfriend when I have much better options? True cuckold slaves love to treat me and do whatever I tell them to do. There’s no limit to how far I will go.


Are you ready to open your wallet and get on your knees? Cuckold phone sex with me can get wild! 


Phone Sex Kingdom