This new friend of mine asked me to go to a party and I was a bit unsure, he said it was a swingers party and everyone would be wearing masks. My boyfriend was out of town on business for a few days and I didn’t have anything better to do, so I agreed. There was a couple of dozen people there, all in costumes and masks. A few people were fucking in remote corners, and since they still had masks on, you couldn’t see their faces.

My friend took off with some people he knew to another room and I was left to mingle amongst the guests which I didn’t know. I struck up a conversation with one of the guests and we talked for a good long while before it got heated and he leaned over and kissed me and touched my breast and got up and led me by the hand to another more secluded room. He pushed me down by the shoulders and I knelt on the floor in front of him and I unzipped his pants and started fondling his cock and then licked it and sucked on it, fuck, he was hung. I bet he was nine inches, he was the biggest next to my boyfriend I’d seen and been with that up close.


He bent me over a chair and pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and slid that monster dick inside of me, he really filled me up and pounded my pussy very well. He grabbed at my breasts and pinched my nipples and I clenched my pussy muscles around that cock and milked him so well. He was older than I was usually interested in, but his body was great and what little I could see of his face under the mask looked handsome and I loved his voice.

He was playful, and spanked me and I loved it, his hand swatting at my behind as he fucked me bent over that chair. Those huge balls that were slapping at my ass with every thrust he was giving me, and I knew he was building up a huge load for me and all of a sudden I came explosively on that cock and he shot his seed into me in a gush. We were catching our breath and getting our clothes back on and his wallet fell out of his pants pocket and opened. I bent over to pick it up and give it to him and I gasped. It was open and a picture of my boyfriend was staring back at me.

I asked him why he had my boyfriend’s pic in his wallet and he said it was a picture of his son. He took his mask off and I took mine off and he did indeed greatly look like an older version of my boyfriend. I said I had no idea who he’d been and as he knew, his son/my boyfriend was out of town for a few days and I went to this party with a friend. He said it was a mistake and that we should never mention it, that no good would come of this revelation to my boyfriend and I agreed.I can’t believe that I cheated on my boyfriend with his own father! However..yesterday I get a text from my boyfriend’s daddy asking me to meet .to “talk”.

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