Anal sex on the day your girlfriend can’t say no!

Anal sex can be scary when a girl’s never done it before.  We’ve all been around prude bitches who, if they even choose to fuck you, will only do so in the most boring and utterly vanilla way.  Missionary is their favorite position but you’ve only ever wanted to bend your girl over and shove your meat in that bouncy, tight ass.  Today, you bought her chocolate.  you bought her diamonds.  And you plan to take her to the fanciest restaurant and buy her the biggest lobster in the tank.  You ARE going to fuck her in the ass.

She can’t say ‘no’ on Valentine’s day!

It’s so cute watching her get into position.  Her little tush is poking up in the air, nervously awaiting you.  She’s blushing so hard, knowing in her heart that using that hole is wrong.  She squeals, not because of your cock, but because of your tongue invading her by surprise!

“Dirty!  That’s dirty, honey!”

She pants and moans as you show her what she’s been missing.  Your tongue loves the natural taste of her ass.  It digs deeper and deeper until you’re sure it’s ready.  She might insist she hates it but her asshole twitches for more.  It’s time now.  She screams when the head pops in.  It’s stretching such a forbidden hole.  On any other day, she would pull away but not this time.  You spank her ass just like you said you would do if she pulled away at all.  Then you press into her more.

“Ah!  Honey!  It’s too big!”

Yea, you’re big.  But she takes it and she feels like such a slut for taking it up the ass like this!  She feels guilty because she’s actually starting to love it.  Her screams turn to moans and her hips work your cock in rhythm with you.  What would her pastor say?!

Happy Valentines Day!

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