I didn’t know much about anal sex before this.

My uncle had sort of initiated me into the world of anal sex with his fingers, but never his cock! Never something that didn’t fit! After I woke up tied to this guys bed, I grew very nervous. I felt like he was going to do something to hurt me! I tried to wiggle out of the knots but they were so elaborate! Suddenly, I realized that I was completely naked. He came in with only his underwear on.

He then untied me and picked me up, kicking and screaming. Then he said where he took me, no one would hear my screams. He bent me over this round bench type thing and then tied my legs wide apart. My feet were nowhere near touching the ground. Then he fastened my hands down. He told me that I was going to be his little fuck-toy for a while. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, but it sounded like it was going to hurt.

He pulled out his cock and stuck it in my face, asking me if I thought it would fit.

I began to cry. I was scared and confused. Once I felt his warm cock pressing between my legs, I started to squirm. He started smacking my ass quickly and with a lot of force and didn’t stop until I was still. Then he pressed his hard cock against my asshole and spread my cheeks as far as they could go, all the while pushing forward with his cock. He let go fo my asscheeks but it felt like he was still pulling them apart. The feeling grew deep and sharp.

I finally felt his legs make contact with my cheeks, but as soon as this happened, he pulled right out and shoved his cock right back into the opening. Then, he started doing this harder, slamming his whole body into me. I felt like I was splitting open. Finally, he pulled out and caked my red, torn asshole in his juices.

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