I wanted to know – why do you guys love anal sex stories so much? 

Why are you so fascinated with it and why do you fantasize about anal sex stories so much? After extensive research and exhaustive study of the subject, here is more of what I found out:

Dominance and Pain

It can hurt a bit and that may be a bonus if you are exploring a Dom/sub dynamic with your girl.  You are taking over and dominating every last part of her body and claiming it as your own. Kind of like climbing a mountain, but slightly less work. Some of you have heard my anal sex stories about anal and pain and begging – fuck that was hot.  If you haven’t, just ask me!

It can be all about you

Let’s face it – you probably like it a lot more than your lady does.  And that’s okay. It can be all about you sometimes. Think of it as a gift – a tight, warm gift where you can put your cock.   We want to give you something that is special and maybe many girls won’t give you. It also means that we trust you and want to please you. Guy's anal sex stories 

It seems less intimate and committed

Sometimes people don’t consider anal sex as actual sex. I disagree – it sure feels like someone’s fucking me, but this is pretty common.  In high school, everyone knew that anal (and oral) didn’t count as losing your virginity. But those were high school anal sex stories. We’re grown-ass men and women now.

Anal is a taboo

But not too taboo.  You get all of the excitement of taboo sex without doing anything really “weird” or kinky if you’re not into that or not ready to experiment.  In some religions, it’s still forbidden and it can be quite intoxicating to break those rules.

So, maybe your girl won’t shit right for a week and maybe it’s more about you than about her.  But that’s okay. Go ahead and make your own anal sex stories. And use that tight little hole to make yourself cum.  Oh, and one more thing – totally go for that anal creampie. Ask your lady why. Or ask me!


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