Bad girls who tease get anal sex.

Anal sex is one of my favorite things to be punished with.. It goes without saying that I love to be a little tease, and of course I’ve always loved showing off! Hell, I still do it now. I like working out in my backyard, wearing the tightest little yoga pants, all because I know the neighbors are watching.. They have a closed-in back porch, though the main guy and his friends like to hang out inside there and smoke or drink. I make sure I pick the best times to go outside and stretch, soaking up the afternoon sun.. And when I know they’re watching, I’ll even move around so that they get a full view!

They’re my favorite spectators.

I’ll even adjust my little thong sometimes while I’m out there, and really drive them wild. I’ve fucked the actual neighbor before – he loves to come over after I tease him like that. He always punishes me for it, too. There’s nothing I can do or say that’ll make him go easy on me. Once his hands are on my hips, he gets a handful of my ass and grabs onto it hard. He’ll spread those cheeks and make me completely his. Anything I do to make it easier only baits him to be meaner. He’s invited his friends over a few times too.. Derek and Milo. They’ve only caught a few of the shows I put on for them, but they were more than eager to come over and finally meet me.

Of course, when they did, I was the party favor they got to pass around. They always remind me loud and clear: bad girls who tease get big cocks in their ass. No exceptions. 😉

Come play with me. 

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