I fucking love it rough, but anal sex was always a softer point..

Anal sex can be ridiculously fun in the right situation. When I first started getting curious about it, I’d play with a little butt plug. A few times, I even managed to lube up the head of my thicker dildo and slip it in, though not very far. It was too much for me to try willingly on my own.. So it took a little in-the-moment convincing for me to let my boyfriend go balls to the wall with it. He was already fucking me good and hard, and it felt so good, the bed was basically an open. He leaned in just enough to whisper that he was gonna fuck my tight little ass and break me into real anal sex. As much as I wanted to protest, all I could do was let out a whimper.

That was enough of a green light.

He moved his hands from his hips, spreading my cheeks slowly enough to give me time to really voice it.. which was sweet of him, but I didn’t. He had a complete green light, which I almost regretted the second he slipped it in! Feeling every inch of him slowly slide in was so different from just an inch or two of a toy. He really took control of me once it was in, too. The gentle entry was only a facade to ease me into it. With all eight inches of him inside, he could do anything he fucking wanted. A few pumps, a few thrusts, and I felt the wild streak come out. He was going wild from how tight it was.

His cock was lubed up just enough to glide in easily, but still make me beg him to go a little easier. Who was I kidding… I secretly loved how rough he got, I always did.

Come play with me. 

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