Blind Date Anal Sex

I’ve been with plenty of guys and know that most of them really want to have anal sex. But then theres some guys who have never even touched an ass! I mean they look at them and maybe they’ll squeeze one but they haven’t fucked one. I thought almost all guys do this. But apparently, there is still some anal virgins out there.

I have gone on plenty of dates with guys. But tonight was my blind date with a guy my best friend and set me up with. All I really know is that his name was Al he was rather shy and quiet. I’m pretty excited just because my best friends always knew exactly what I like and usually the guys didn’t suck. I went ahead and put on my tightest skirt my cutest top and my most expensive high heels. I was going to look hot for my date and I hoped it was going to be getting a little something at the end of the night. My hair was perfect, my make up on fleek. I was looking hot and I was ready to fuck. And I was in the mood for some hot anal sex.

At about 8 p.m. he showed up. And he rang the doorbell met me and walked me to the car. He was very quiet but I could tell that he was into me and I hope he would be getting into me later. He was sexy and I could imagine him licking every part of my body. We talked all night during dinner and drink a few bottles of wine and he brought me home. I asked him if he wanted to come up and he seemed rather reluctant. But I could tell he was looking at my ass. We stumbled into my room and onto my bed giggling. I kicked my shoes off and he grabbed me and laid me on my bed.

He started making out with me pulling my clothes off very skillfully.

He made my nipples hard and gave me goosebumps all over my body. It was hot, I could feel that hard cock up his rub up against my thigh is he sucked on my nipples and fingers through my hair. I looked to my nightstand knowing that inside was a bottle of lube that was just calling my name. I help him take off his clothes and started sucking his big hard cock and I could tell that he was wanting to fuck right then. He began to go through his pocket looking for a condom and I just push his hand away from his pocket and whispered in his ear ” baby we are not going to fuck that way tonight.”

He was confused but I stood in front of him and bent over pulling my g string out of my ass and down my legs. Spread my ass cheeks in front of him and started wiggling my ass in front of his face. He said in a very quiet voice “I’ve never had anal sex though..” and it made me shoot up and stand up straight in front of him. I smirked at him and took his hands and placed them on my ass cheeks. He is becoming rock hard and I could tell he wanted to lick my asshole. I was so soaking wet and ready for that hard cock to be shoved into my tight little ass.

More to cum in part 2!

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