Anal sex can be amazing… or awful.  Luckily, my first experience with anal was amazing and kept me going back for more!

Anal sex, for some reason, is taboo for many people.  Some people are terrified of trying it, men and women.  You definitely need to prepare your partner, but once the asshole is primed, it can be an amazing experience for whoever involved. This is just a little about my first time experience with anal sex.

I remember when I was younger and had just begun having sex.  I hardly knew what I wanted vaginally.  The idea of getting fucked in the ass, or ass play in general, was a terrifying prospect.  My girlfriends and I would joke around that we were saving our asshole for our future husbands.  We acted like we needed to guard our “anal virginity.” We all had lots of guys who tried, they were shut down.  I thought they were crazy to think I would do that.  That was until I met the right man.

I started seeing this guy, we had great sexual chemistry and I knew he was much more experienced than I was, I liked that.

We had sex many times before ass play was introduced.  I remember it started with him eating me out from behind.  He kept moving closer to my asshole, first, he was tonguing my cunt, then my taint, next thing I knew he was licking and sucking my asshole.  No guy had done that before! I almost stopped him, but it felt good, and he seemed to really like doing it to me.  Things escalated from there.

The next time we were together the same hot ass eating took place.  I loved it and so did he.  I was so stimulated as he ate me and fingered my pussy.  Then I started feeling a slight pressure, he was slowly and gently pushing his finger into my tight asshole.  I loved it.  He finger fucked my pussy and asshole until I came.  After he asked if I liked what we had been doing, I told him it felt amazing and was ready for more.

The first time we had anal I was ready and excited.

He ate me out and then we fucked, my pussy was so wet.  He took me from behind and used my pussy juice to slowly and firmly push his finger into my ass, then he added another.  He’s slowly getting my ass wet and ready to accept his cock. I can remember when he slowly started grinding the tip of his cock in my ass.  I can still feel the moment his head popped in.  Slowly he guided the rest of his cock into my asshole.  I was rubbing my clit as our fucking got more intense.  When I climaxed I screamed.  It was one of the best sexual encounters of my life, meant to be repeated, many times over.

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