Anal Sex can be so damn HOT!

I love Anal Sex but sometimes things can get a little rough.

 I’m spending today curled up in bed because I had rough sex last night and everything still hurts. That’s the last time I tell a guy to go as hard as he wants and I’ll be his fuck toy. Okay… I’ll say it again one day soon but I’m taking today off.

 I only see Jackson a few times a year because he’s married with kids and has a hard time sneaking off long enough to see me. It’s pretty much the same every time we meet because there are certain things he can’t get from his wife. He’s always rough with me and only wants blowjobs and Anal Sex so I knew how our night together would go.

I wore my sexiest lingerie for him and let him take his time undressing me running his hands over my body and getting turned on.

He’s gentle at first but then things get nastier. He popped my bra off and ripped my panties down then pushed me to my knees.

 Holding his dick I took my time licking it, sliding my tongue up and down as he throbbed against my tongue. I licked around the head then started slipping him into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and held me as he thrust forward, ramming his dick down my throat. It choked me and I gagged as he fucked my face.

I couldn’t breathe and it hurt as I tried to take it. After a few minutes he slowed down then stopped. He pulled me to my feet and threw me on the bed then got out the lube.

I got into position for him, getting down on all fours and sticking my round, firm ass in the air getting ready for Anal Sex.

Reaching behind me I played with my ass hole as he squirted lube on me. I fingered myself to loosen up and he gave my ass a couple of slaps. He shoved my hand away and shoved two fingers in me, scissoring them as I leaned lower to open up more. I felt more lube go on me than nearly died as he rammed his dick into me.

He did it quickly and in one move, making me scream as he went in deep and my hole felt like it was on fire and I tried not to cry as he fucked me. My hole was getting rubbed raw, it was like I was getting ripped in two and my tits bounced under me as he squeezed my hips giving me rough Anal Sex.

Ouch! My ass and lower stomach felt like a giant bruise and I swear my hole was starting to tear.

I clenched the sheets in my hands as he yanked on my hips, pulling me back on his dick and I thought I was going to pass out.

 His dick ripped into me and he grabbed my hair twisting my neck back as he kept going. Hairs were getting pulled out and everything hurt as he grunted and called me a slut. He kept pounding my ass and I was biting my lip because I was afraid of telling him to stop. My ass was on fire and every thrust was killing me.

 He finally came and I was so glad it was over with. I love being used like this but sometimes it’s just so overwhelming and I don’t think I can take anymore. He definitely tore my hole because it stung when his cum leaked out and I just wanted to take a nap.

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