I love hot and nasty anal sex.

Obviously, I don’t get the chance to get my booty plundered quite as often as I would like. I am still a bit picky about anal sex.  It has to be the right dick. The mood has to strike me. Well, it struck me good recently. My face pressed down into my bed, I inhaled the clean scent as I felt his thick cock pounding in and out of my pussy from behind. All of a sudden I felt his finger playfully poke my puckered little brown eye. Somedays I might answer with a “Hey!” and a swat of my hand, but not tonight.

I let a soft moan escape through my lips. Encouraged, he slipped a finger in beside his thrusting cock meat, getting it slick with my pussy’s wetness. The extra fullness made my puckered star twitch, knowing what was coming next. He gingerly placed his slippery digit against my tight little asshole and pressed it slowly inside.

As I felt his finger slide in my ass, I let out a deeper moan and with satisfaction my pussy clenched down around his cock.

He began to fuck my hungry little snatch harder as he drove his finger in and out of my ass. He finger banged my love chute in time with the deep dicking he was giving me. It ached as it stretched around his finger. It was then that I knew his finger wasn’t enough; I looked back over my shoulder and opened my mouth to speak. The voice that came out didn’t sound like me. It sounded like an addict needing a fix.

“Fuck my ass already!”

I saw the grin spread across his face and he slapped my ass hard and slid in another finger, expanding my tight little sphincter, loosening it up for his long thick rod. I leaned into his hand working on my back door. Finally, he slid his slick pipe out of my dripping pussy and lined up the head of his dick against my aching asshole. He plunged into my Hershey highway hard and deep in one swift motion. My nerve endings were alive with a purely divine mixture of intense pain and deeply satisfying pleasure.  My hand reached back and rubbed my taught little clitty as he buried himself to the hilt in my ass.

He slapped my ass and grunted,

“do you like that? Do you like taking my dick balls deep in your tight white ass?” I moaned back, “yes. I love it. Your cock feels so good up my ass. I love being your anal sex slut!” He plowed his thick cock back into me. Suddenly his thrusts became erratic and he grunted like a sexual beast, willing his dick to drench my anal canal with his sticky seed. His pelvis shuddered as he plunged into me for the final time. I moaned aloud into the sheets as I felt him dumping burst after burst deep into my bowels.

With his balls drained, he collapsed on top of me. After a quick rest, he pulled his softening cock from my gaping ring of burning pleasure, dragging out a thick warm rope of cum with it.

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