Confessions of an anal sex addict

I’m an anal sex addict, I just love anal play, how it feels, how it pleasures me. I have anal sex as much as possible, I want that cock in my tight asshole so bad. During phone sex I like to use my toys on my ass on my calls. Yesterday I had one of the best orgasms from anal sex. One of my little boy toys came over and wanted to play. As soon as I got that cock hard all I could think about is how I wanted it in my ass. I slid his cock in my mouth to get that cock all wet. Then he shoved that cock into my tight little pussy and made me ride that juicy cock.

Every hole gets fucked

I came up off his cock then slammed down on it, I squeezed my pussy tightly around his thick cock. My pussy began to drip and run down his cock and balls the wetness felt amazing to him. His cock felt amazing to me. He then pulled out his cock and slid his tongue down to my ass, he loves to smell and taste my sweet ass. I sucked his finger to get Before he slid it finger into my ass. Teasing me, toying with me until he and I couldn’t take anymore. I felt his finger pushing in and out of my ass while his tongue was buried in my dripping wet pussy.

I then felt him move away from my pussy and flip me around on my hands and knees, my ass in the air, he took his cock and slid it up and down my ass crack. He slapped his cock against my tight little ass.I felt his thick head on his pushing into my asshole. I felt so good thinking about it makes me want to cum again. He thrust in and out of my ass, using his hand to push me on and off his cock. I start moaning and the harder he thrust the louder I moan. He smacks my ass and calls me his bitch. He tells me to take all of his nice thick cock.

I want it deep and hard

Without hesitation I take all of his cock in my ass, enjoying how it feels sliding in and out of me. Feeling him fuck me hard and deep, thinking about all that pre cum that’s dripping right into my ass at that very moment. Want to play with an anal sex addict?

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Kinky Kelsey