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Anal penetration can work both ways IF you have the right equipment. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE a rock hard cock deep inside my tight, young ass, but today I’m going to talk about the time I bent my older brother over. When I took a strap on to his ass.

Let me set the scene for you first. I’m his younger sister. I know how Brother likes me to dress when I come into his room when Mom and Dad aren’t home. Wearing this corset that doesn’t cover my tits, but it makes them perky. I also wear these matching stockings, garter belt, and thong. The special thing about Brother’s favorite outfit is, I also wear a strap on AND a diaper. He LOVES the diaper and I love wearing it for him. My hair is always in pigtails.

We have a lot of fun together. It’s never the exact same thing every time I open that door. And the excitement always builds as soon as I reach for the doorknob.

This particular instance: I walk in dressed as Brother likes his little sister. He’s sitting at his computer as usual. I come up behind him and brush my tits against the back of his head. I reach around to grab the arms of his chair and spin him around to face me, my tits now in his face.

Grinning, I get to my hands and knees. First, I face my ass toward him, showing off my sexy ass in my cute diaper, it crinkling as I move. Then, I turn to face him, reaching for his jeans. I unzip and unbutton his pants, his bulge expanding only covered by his boxers. I take out his thick, hard cock and wrap my lips around his head, teasing it with my tongue.

That’s when he stands up and turns around so that his naughty little sis can lick his asshole. I tongue fuck his ass, starting at the rim of his ass, slowly working my way around the outside of his asshole. I glide my tongue inside his ass, feeling him tighten and throb around it, making his entrance so wet. He groans under my tongue, has ass contracting deliciously. I can taste some of his juices and it’s SO fucking yummy!

This is where the REAL fun begins. Where the REAL anal penetration begins.

He moves over to the bed, sticking his ass in the air for me. I step up behind him, pressing the tip of my hard, sleek strap on against the entrance to his tight little hole. I’m impatient from time to time. This would be one of those times. I ram my cock into his ass. Pushing it all the way in, as far as it’ll go!

“It hurts! It hurts!” He cries. I smile wickedly and keep plunging the toy deep inside him. “It’s okay. It’ll stop as soon as your ass stretches for me.” I tell him, reveling in his cries. I grab him by his hips, thrusting harder. So hard my thighs meet his lower ass. That’s when he cums for his kinky sister, exploding all over his sheets, his legs shaking rapidly.

We stay like that for a little while, just breathing, my toy buried in his tight hole. I pull out slowly, watching his opening shrink back to normal size once the tip leaves him.

I love playing with my big brother! But how do YOU like to take anal penetration? Tell me, how do YOU want to play?

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