I know Anal Massage will make your gush!

This man I’ve been seeing is quite into anal stimulation. He told me he owns several prostate massagers and loves having a strap on used on him and had I ever done that with one of my boyfriends before? I had a few times, but it wasn’t something I normally brought up, it was more if the guy really wanted it I’d go along to help get them off. So this guy is pretty good in bed, he’s pleased me a lot, excellent at licking pussy and he can last while fucking, so no complaints at all.I f he was into anal stimulation I definitely was game.

Then he asked if I’d ever tried a manual prostate massage with my fingers, he said it drove him wild when he was jerking off or if I was riding him reverse cowgirl to do some anal with my fingers. We started off with me on all fours and him really pounding my cunt from behind, I was super wet and was rubbing my clit as he was giving it to me from behind. I could feel the tip of his cock hit my G spot with every thrust and he was driving me crazy as he pinched my nipples and fucked me hard.

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He then grabbed me and eased me back so he was on his back and I was riding him facing his feet and he spread his legs and I knew that was the sign to go in. I took two fingers and slid them inside of his ass and I could feel him clench down around my fingers  and then he really started going wild as I was riding him and my clit was grinding against his hardened cock and I was fingering his ass and I knew he was going to cum buckets inside of me. I was curious to see how much harder he’d cum with me doing this since he was already very good in bed, but I could feel this ass fingering was getting him going and it was getting more and more intense with every thrust and I was bucking so hard on top of him seeking my own orgasm and all of a sudden he blew.

I could feel the hot jets of cum go off inside of me, washing my pussy with his hot cream. I withdrew my fingers from his ass and it had indeed been a very hard cum for him. Then he told me to get up on his face and sit on his mouth and let his still hot cum drip into his mouth, he didn’t want that cream pie to go to waste. He lapped at my still stiff clit and was sliding that tongue so far inside of me to get every last drop of his own seed out of my pussy and let it roll down his tongue. It wasn’t long until I came again and moaned loudly as he flicked his tongue all over my clit. It was one hot night of fucking for the both of us, I think next time I will try the strap on, let’s see how we do with that!

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