Anal – Kitty’s First Time

If I only knew then what I know now,  I would have tried anal so much sooner.  I remember being so afraid of the pain like it was my first time all over again.  We went out drinking to loosen me up and get me ready for the big night.  That night was the night I would loose my anal virginity.

I was so trashed when we got back to his house.  Giggling and laughing, I was so excited to feel what so many girls had told me was an amazing experience.  We started to make out as he stripped off my clothes and I stripped off his.  He started by eating my pussy and working his way to my juicy butt hole.  He rimmed my ass until my pussy was dripping wet ad I was more than ready to feel his cock inside of me.  He was more than ready too.

He got on his back and told me to straddle him.  He wanted me to guide his cock in at my pace as to not cause me unnecessary pain.  His cock was so slippery with lube but I managed to push him inside my tight hole.  I screamed as I felt every inch of his long thick shaft stretching me out and filling me up.  The pain soon turned to pleasure and I was riding his cock with a perfect rhythm.  I felt my body get flushed and my clit begin to buck.  I was cumming and I was going to cum hard.  As I arched my back and let the orgasm take me over, I felt a rush of fluid from my cunt.  He made me squirt!  I had never had a guy make my pussy squirt before and I collapse on the bed.

It was the most amazing orgasm of my life and I have been an anal loving slut ever since.  Fingers, tongues, toys, or cock, I want it all!  Give me a call and make me squirt for you tonight!

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