Are you going to be ready for the anal invasion when it’s your turn? I had no idea that an extraterrestrial encounter could be so orgasmic! I promise it wasn’t just some wild dream. The very next morning, I awoke with my body aching like I had just been fucked relentless the night before; and when I got up and looked at my body in the mirror, my asshole was still visible gaped!

The Tale Of My Abduction

I was asleep when a bright out of nowhere began to shine in my eyes, waking me from my sleep. My whole room looked a shade of blue from the light coming from outside the window; I felt compelled to take a look. Outside I saw a tall humanoid figure, tall I don’t know how but I knew it was male. He pointed in my direction and everything with dark.

When I awoke, I was suspended up in the air with my limbs spread with no visible rope or string holding me in place. Everything around me was white, my clothes were gone, and my chest started pounding. As panic sank in, three tall figures like the one I saw outside my bedroom window stepped into view, almost appearing out of thin air. Their skin bluish, dark black eyes, long stick-like fingers, face almost flat except for some rather largemouths.

Upon seeing them, I grew highly aroused; they began to touch me, and I watched in surprise as those seemingly thin fingers started to fatten up into huge cock like appendages. Rubbing all over my skin, chest, lips, and finally, my ass. Then the fascination with ass began.

The Anal Invasion

They talked excitingly amongst themselves in a loud language as I could feel the cock like appendages sliding between my ass cheeks, probing. I felt the first one enter; when I moaned, the group of aliens only grew more excited. So did I, as I learned those cock fingers could morph like it knew exactly where to touch, it grew accordingly inside me! My mind was spinning, was I really having anal sex with these aliens?

Already stretched by one, his buddy started to push through with his cock finger. I wanted to stop him, say no, that’s too much, but I couldn’t talk. Only feel the tension as he continued to force himself inside my ass too. Both were furiously playing with my asshole making new sounds I have never heard in my life. Then something very hot filled up my ass and felt their appendages shrink down inside me. Able to look down, I saw it blue goo dripping down between my legs. Looking at the third member, I watched as his fingers fused together to create one giant cock, then darkness.

My Ass Ached For Days

Definitely not a dream, days later, I still ached; it took over a whole day for my asshole to even begin looking normal again. And every time I try to remember what that third alien did to me, I enter a trance-like state masturbating until I cum over and over again. I have no control and almost every morning for a week after the anal invasion. I awake to find blue goo on my sheets. What were they? Will they come back for me? Is it wrong that I really hope they would!

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