Anal On The First Date?

This guy was an interesting one. He was always full of surprises every time I encountered him and our first date would be no different. Anal on the first date? I’m always up for anything but when we pulled up to a golf course became a little nervous. I don’t play golf! How are we going to get to know each other over a sport that requires focus?! I still kept an open mind, because something told me, golfing was just one of many things he’d be showing me.

We got all our golf gear and loaded the golf cart. He had somewhere private he wanted to take me for lessons. Hmmm…a private location? I’m glad I was wearing thin slinky panties. I got in the passenger seat and he immediately groped my leg. He found a cozy spot for his hands between them. This wasn’t a huge shocker because we did have a history of being at the same party then end up making out and almost hooking up to never getting that far. We decided we’d get to know each other, we knew the attraction was there.

We pulled up and set up for our first hit.

I was giggling and being super playful to cover up my total lack of knowledge of the sport. I was finally ready to swing and he came up behind and grabbed my hands, wrapping my body in his. He was more than just trying to correct my form, we wanted to play to. His bulge was pressing against my backside and he ran is lips up and down my neck until he found the perfect spot to kiss. Just us to, on an open course and he was ready to devour me. He was so hard and running his hands up and down the back of my thigh each time lift up my skirt to feel my ass higher and higher. I totally forgot we were golfing but this golf club was the only thing holding me up.

He started massaging my ass and I let a out a satisfied but surprised moan when he stuff a finger in my anal cavity. Someone was trying to have their own hole in one. I reached my arms back around him and he began kissing them telling me his plan the whole time. He wanted my body at this very moment and from the way his hand felt underneath my skirt. I didn’t doubt it or question it. He took me over to the golf cart and started looking through his golf back for something. I was rubbing his cock trough his pants eager to finally see just how big he felt.

He found what he was looking for and it was a golf club just tall enough to reach my pussy from the ground.

My panties were around my ankles, and my skirt lifted. I felt oil drip onto my ass and it was massaged right over my hole. He told me to insert the golf club handle into my pussy and fuck myself with it. As i followed orders after a few firm spanks I felt his cock drive into my ass and fill me so tightly. Mmmm, his cock was perfect for my little rosebud. He was grunting and thrusting harder and harder as I kept a steady pace of this golf club going in an out my pussy, hitting my G-Spot every time.

My face fell to the seat of the golf cart and his hands were still holding my hips up. I was coming for him back to back and the juices from my pussy were re-oiling his cock to push deeper inside me, until I felt his balls slapping against my ass.

Our very first date and I was bent over a golf cart seat, a gold club handle massaging the walls of my tight slit and a rock hard cock in my backdoor. If the first date was anal, what would our second date have in store?

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