A little anal edging play.

Anal edging drives my sub absolutely insane. He loves playing with his ass and has done it for a long time. Of all the toys he’s ever used, vibrators are his favorite, of course. When I first met him, I had no idea he was such a little submissive slut. Really, he caught me by surprise. He has way more fetishes than I ever thought possible for him. I guess you can’t look at a guy and instantly know whether he’s into cuckold pegging or not. The same way that you can’t tell which dirty, old, macho man is wearing frilly pink panties under his denim. Life is one big kink adventure, and the fun is all in figuring out who gets off by what.

Now this guy, his name’s Brian. I met Brian at a bar, and that was that. It was all a lot of flirting, playing, sexting, and so on, like any other friends-with-benefits or relationship. The fun didn’t really start until I spent the night at his place. Now, I’m an inquisitive person. He was dead asleep at night when I went off to use the bathroom. I opened the medicine cabinet for a little toothpaste since it wasn’t on the sink counter. Guess what I found? He had a big tube of water-based lubricant stashed away in the medicine cabinet, and now it stared me in the face – Jackpot.

All his secrets, in one place.

He probably thought I wouldn’t go looking in there. At the worst, I’d probably ask him for a spare toothbrush, and he’d give me whatever I needed. There was no need to go looking around in his personal things. But did he really think hiding the lube in the medicine cabinet would keep it hidden? No, no, all his secrets came out in one go. He probably hoped that I’d think it was there for when he wanted to try anal with a girl. However, guys don’t really think that far ahead sometimes unless they’ve done anal themselves. So… I got curious. Therefore, I went looking for more. I opened up all his bathroom drawers and found his toys stashed away.

It was a surprise. I thought he’d have them stashed in his bedside table, sock drawer, or something. But I guess in the end, keeping them in the bathroom is the safest bet for when he wants to play and clean off easily. I was so enthusiastic about finding it all that I didn’t hear him sneak up behind me. That was until he gasped. I spun around to see him looking like he saw a ghost, but he was still kind of smiling. Now that I think about it, it might have been more of a sarcastic gasp than anything else. He wanted me to go looking, or he’d been waiting for someone who would.

From then on, it was all fun and games.

He was made for anal edging. Really, he wanted to use any toys he could ever find. His selection was pretty broad. I found everything from anal beads to strap-ons. He even owned two nice Lovense toys, the kind that you hook up to a phone app and let someone else control, no matter how far away they are. I’d played with those before on my fun kinky adventures here! A little fetish phone sex taught me all about the world of app-controlled sex toys. He fell in love with everything I started playing with. The first thing we tried together was his collection of butt plugs. Seriously, he had a LOT of them. I worked him up from trying a small size to trying the thickest one there.

He loved it when I’d do a little anal edging and fuck him with the butt plug itself. He loved the feeling of the thick bulb sliding in and out of him, stretching his ass out. From there, we moved on to the dildos. He could only take about five inches of a medium-sized dildo at first, but that’s what I was there for. I trained his ass to be as good as a porn slut’s ass. One toy at a time, I trained him to be my anal bitch. Sometimes, I’d even do a little prostate milking and just keep edging him for hours. His ass was mine to torment, and he loved it. It was all a game of endless anal edging. I guess he’ll always be a slave to me now.


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