Anal in the middle of a crowd

There is nothing I love more than anal. Well, I might love metal music more! But, putting them together is absolutely amazing. And last year at a concert, I got to experience it. Hundreds of sweaty bodies thrashing about, Swedish melodic metal playing, and the hottest metalhead stranger that I had ever laid eyes on… with the fattest cock!

So, I had been standing in line outside of The Pressroom with my ticket, waiting impatiently to see Amon Amarth live. I looked around and saw plenty of hot, metalhead meat. Young, eager, but lots with girlfriends. There was one that I saw who was standing towards the front of the line and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.

He was about 6 feet tall, long caramel-colored hair that stopped right above his ass, big combat boots, and a beard and smile that made me wet. I wanted that one badly! But, of course, finding him in this crowd would be a miracle.

The venue filled up fast with metalheads and everyone waited around for the bad to come on. I prepared myself for the massive people pile up that was about to take place and braced myself to be pushed around. It’s tough being 5’2″ at a concert! The band came out and started their first song… and I have pushed around, of course.

The music was making me horny already!

And in the midst of the chaos, I saw my metalhead and he looked my way and smiled. I walked over to him as the crowd went nuts and pulled up my shirt because I wasn’t gonna fuck around. I was ready and willing!

He ripped open his shirt and unzipped his pants. I whispered in his ear, “I want you to fuck me hard and make me squirt.” He grabbed the back of my head, kissed me, and turned me around. he bent me over, pulled my skirt up, and ripped my thong to the side.

I was in heaven just hearing the beautiful sounds of metal and feeling mystery metalhead’s cock enter my dripping wet cunt. He grabbed my arms and fucked my pussy so hard that I squirted within 2 minutes! I looked behind and he was smiling at me. I wanted more!

The next thing I know, he pulls his dick out of my pussy and he jammed his slippery dick into my tight ass. He bent me over all the way and fucked me so hard that I was almost falling over, well that ad the people pushing us were getting rough.

Soon enough he shot a huge load into my ass, slapped my ass, kissed me and we parted ways. I will never forget the mystery metalhead. Or the hot anal that we had in the middle of that concert venue.

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