Anal Beads Orgasm: Cumming On Daddy’s Cock While My Ass Is Filled

An anal beads orgasm and incest go hand in hand, right? Well for me, it’s the only way I take Daddy’s big fat cock in my cunt. I bet you are wondering how I put the two together. It all started when I ordered my first set of anal beads. Of course, I had had anal sex before! I was just looking to expand on my sex toy collection. Anal beads were exactly what I needed! Now I won’t ever get fucked without them inside my tight teen asshole.

It was a quite Monday when my new sex toy arrived. I was so eager to get it that I kept checking the tracking on my phone. The first thing I did when I got home from school that day was rip open that box and lube up those anal beads. The anal beads were pink. The five beads went from smaller to larger. My first attempt trying them out didn’t go out as I planned. After a few days using the anal beads though, I was comfortable with them inside me and they made my pussy throb. I was addicted to having the anal beads inside me. So much so that now I was sleeping with them! And that’s when it happened.

Daddy and I had been fucking on and off for a while. Recently though, Daddy had been more interested in mom than me. I had been enjoying Daddy’s friends for quite some time now. Daddy’s lack of interested in me didn’t hurt too bad! That though while I had the anal beads deep in my asshole and I was toying with my cunt, Daddy came in. He didn’t say a word, which is usually how it went. Daddy’s cock was rock hard through his boxers!

Daddy pulled me by the edge of the bed and spread my legs.

When he did, the poorly lit room revealed my dirty little secret and later on, it would give me an anal beads orgasm. Daddy dove straight into my pussy. He shoved his tongue so deep inside me I am sure he felt those beads inside me. Then, as he sucked on my clit, Daddy started pulling and pushing the sex toy. I have never felt anything like what I was feeling. My legs started shaking as I pulled on Daddy’s hair. Soon enough I was begging for his cock.

Daddy pushed his big hard cock inside me. He shoved it so deep I held my breath. My cunt was like a slip n’ slide and soon Daddy was pounding me hard. I pulled him closer and kissed him. Daddy was balls deep in my cunt and I remembered just how much I missed his meat stick. He fucked me missionary for a while longer. Feeling his body right up against mine made me even creamier and I could my cunt throb up against my pink anal beads. Then, Daddy flipped me over.

My first anal beads orgasm was building up.

Daddy spread my ass cheeks as I was on my hands and knees. He pushed his cock and while he was doing it, Daddy started playing with my anal beads. I was so fucking close to cumming. I reached in between my legs and started playing with my clit. The triple stimulation made me cream all over Daddy’s cock. And when he felt my cunt pulsate on his dick, Daddy couldn’t help but fill me up. But I wanted more. I had just had the best anal beads orgasm! My fingers were going to do the work now.

I laid on my stomach. Daddy’s cum was dripping down my ass crack so I used it in my favor. I started fingering my cunt with one hand and with the other, I reached under me and started pushing and pulling on my anal beads. Then, before I knew it the same building, and I came again. My tight little asshole was even tighter. I struggled to pull out the anal beads. I fell asleep with a creamy filled up cunt!

Now, I’ve only been wanting Daddy’s cock. But the only thing I was more than his thick shaft is my pink anal beads!

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