Lesbian Step Sisters: Catching My Step Sister Playing With Her Pussy

A while after my parents divorced my mom found a new man. To be completely honest I didn’t really mind as long as she was happy. Months passed by and he and his daughter ended up moving in with us. That’s when the lesbian step sisters fantasy started. My step sister was downright gorgeous. She was petite with bright big blue eyes and dark hair. I fantasized about her many nights! When I finally got my chance to taste her sweet pussy I didn’t hesitate to make a move.

My step-sister got out of school early and she might have thought she was alone. I was in my room up until the time I heard porn playing from her room. My tight pussy started tingling just imagining what she was doing while watching it. I slowly walked up to her room and peeked through the half-open door. My step-sister was nude, and playing with her cunt. She had a black vibrator that was pressed right on her clit. My pussy went from tingly to dripping wet. I wanted to taste her to bad.

Instead of walking right in I spied on her a little more. I slipped my hand in my panties and started fingering my tight young pussy. When I couldn’t contain my moans is when the fun really started.

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I ended up walking in her room already naked. She was hesitant to play but I didn’t say a word. I just got on my knees and crawled towards the end of her bed where I pulled her by the edge and start licking her cunt. Her pussy tasted just like I imagined. It was so sweet and her pussy lips so smooth! My step-sister was enjoying it so much she laid back and moaned harder. Good lesbian step sisters make each other cum a few times and that’s exactly what I did.

I took her vibrator and started fucking her with it. She wanted to stop me but it started feeling so good she ended up cumming right away. But that wasn’t it! OH NO! Now it was our turn to have fun together. I climbed on the bed while she squirmed in pleasure. While keeping the vibrator on her clip I got in between her legs. Just like the missionary position. Now the vibrator was against both of our clits and our juices dripping all over each other. Then I kissed her, so passionately and gently. That alone made her orgasm again.

When I was close to cumming I whispered to her that I wanted her to taste me. My naughty step-sister made me ride her face and I ended up squirting all over her bed. That night, once our parents came home, dinner was anything but awkward. We decided to sit together and under the table teased each other over our pajamas. Once we went to bed the lesbian sister incest fun only continued because we ended up doing it all over again!

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