Ready to hear about an Amateur Sex Story about the naughty neighbor that loves to tease and tempt the hell out of men?  We all have an Amateur Sex Story about something or someone in our life. I’m one of those naughty neighbors that love to drive men insane just for the hell of it.

My Amateur Sex Story will blow your mind away. Have you ever had the feeling that you are being watched?  You can’t see them, but you know that they are there.   They are there, but you can’t see them.  For me, it’s the best of two worlds combined.  I enjoy exhibitionism as much as I love voyeurism.  It’s my kinky world and I love pulling unexpecting men into my sexy domain.

Just think about how naughty it is getting Caught Jerking Off.  A stranger or someone you know lurking as you masturbate.  Watching you will every move of your hand and mon you release. I love watching someone masturbate, as well as masturbating in public.  Over the past few years, it has become more amplified for me.  Especially when I know I could get caught.  Let’s face it, I love teasing men, as much as I love pleasing myself.   Now add an audience to the equation.  I can’t get enough of mutual or guided masturbation. That’s why I love phone sex so much.  I guess it is the same way for most men.

Over the summer, I  have the pleasure of torturing my neighbors. I don’t mean to do it (Wicked LiL Laugh) It’s like a ritual as soon as summer rolls around. I enjoy being out in my yard or tanning by the pool between calls.  This one day, I couldn’t help myself.  I’m human!  I started masturbating with one of my callers while I was out in my yard. I couldn’t help myself.

My pussy started to get so fucking wet, as I listened to him moan with pleasure.  Without a doubt, my neighbors could hear my moans of pleasure.  By this point, I didn’t care who was watching or listening. It was all about Jason, as I whispered more erotic details of my kinky experiences.   I couldn’t stop.  I was pushing his buttons, as I was fingering my wet box. So turned on about the thought of someone watching me. I couldn’ get enough, as I continued playing with Jason on the phone.

I proceeded to describe the long sensuous licking and sucking his hard cock.  Stroking him & sucking him – making him moan,  as I slipped his cock between my wet red lips in and out. Up and down till he couldn’t take it anymore. I was driving my caller totally insane. He couldn’t take it anymore and neither could I.  Detail by detail I described how I would rock his world. It wouldn’t be long before I pushed him to the edge.   I couldn’t help myself, as my finger wander deep into my bathing suit and even deeper into my pussy.

Lost in my masturbation experience, I didn’t pay much attention to my neighbor watching from the window across the way. I didn’t want to stop.  Nor did I care.  The neighbors ALL could have seen me. I hoped they enjoyed the show. My head was spinning a mile a minute, as I finally exploded with my caller. Needless to say, that wasn’t my last outdoor adventure.  Camping anyone? (Wicked LiL Smile) That’s a story for next time or just call me.  I would love to share the details with you.

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