The best porn always has amateur college girls.

Amateur college girls are so fucking naughty, that it’s no wonder there’s so many sex tapes and porn videos about them. The real ones are always the best, of course, though sometimes the camera-work is a little off.. After all, they are just college girls! A couple of my friends decided to make a quick fifteen minutes of fame (and shame) for themselves back in our sophomore year.. Of course, we were all half-drunk already when the idea came up. We could either go to an amateur night as a strip club, or make a sex tape. After a show of votes and some very drunk suggestions later, we decided to let our freak flag fly..

No one loves college girls more than other girls.

We loved to play together. That’s not an exaggeration. We were always shopping for clothes and sex toys together, but the real fun started that night. Once the phone camera was rolling, we set it up on a tripod for most of it. One of the girls picked it up from time to time to get the best close-up angles she could.. Sometimes she even zoomed all the way in, and one time I was front and center, licking up my friend’s pussy! She tasted so good, that I didn’t even care if it’d all end up plastered on the internet. I figured: let ’em see me! Who cares, I had fun. And none of the names were ever released anyway! So somewhere out there is a video of allll of us eating each other’s pussies and breaking the strap-ons, dildos, and vibrators out..

I’m honestly so curious to go and look it up now – but it’s probably buried under so many others. Hmm.. Maybe I’ll just have to recreate it with some new friends.

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