Who knew that an amateur office sex video would be made, my first day on the job? I was extremely excited to be starting at such a big corporation.  My dad had pulled a few strings, to get me in the door with such a handsome salary.  Everything just had to be perfect.  After shopping for the perfect outfit, getting my hair and nails done I was ready to start my new job.

My alarm rang to wake me up. Because I was so excited about the new job,  I had already been up for about 10 minutes just waiting for it to ring.  I jump in the shower and began to play with my tingling wet pussy under the falling water.   I slid my fingers over my clit until I was about to cum when the phone rang.   Picking up the phone, hearing my mom’s voice made for a ruined orgasm.   Trying to rush her off the phone to finish with no luck.   I got off the phone frustrated after looking at the time, I finished my shower without enough time to complete my orgasm.

First-day of work

I arrived at the office and was quickly ushered into the conference room for orientation.  Of course, I looked fucking hot in my new outfit, but my panties held a pussy that was still needing to be taken care of.    I tried to stay focused while the director of human resources was going over the wonderful employment benefits to the other two new hires and myself.  However, my pussy was talking to me.   I squeezed my legs together, to try to calm her (my pussy) down.  But she was not having it.   She was practically begging to be fucked, licked or fingered.   Damn, I hate I answered mom’s call this morning.   If I had just cum and called her back after, my pussy would not be throbbing like it has a heartbeat.

So, yes I am still sitting at the conference table with the other two new hires trying to focus on the HR team and filling out benefits and tax forms.  I rocked my crossed legs under the conference table while wild thoughts on office sex filled my head.   One of my new co-workers was an older Asian man, but the other newbie was a hot piece of ass.  So we all know who I am going to lunch with.   On our tour of the office, which included the lunch room, several conference rooms, mail, and supply room, things were starting to happen. My little pussy still with a mind of her own and began to think of all the ways she could be fucked and sucked all over this office.  My panties were becoming wetter and wetter by the second.

How the Amateur Office Sex Video was made!

While continuing the office tour, my mind was on nothing they were saying.  It was as if they were speaking a foreign language.  Which explains why I totally missed the references to the security cameras around various parts of the office building.  I  need to make something happen, this pussy was driving me crazy.  Several times on the tour, I made sure to squeeze by the stud from my orientation, making sure my ass pressed up against his cock.  Fuck, it was working, his cock was so damn hard.  Amateur Office Sex was the only thing I wanted today.  They dismissed us for lunch, which gave me a solid hour to take care of this throbbing wet pussy, that was begging to be fucked.

That’s when I spotted my new co-worker,  with all the hints I through at him on the tour I was hoping he was ready for office sex too.   I grabbed his hand and he did not resist.  He just blindly followed my lead, now that’s a good boy. Leading him, down the hall and directly to the office supply room.   I was so horny, I began to kiss him as I unleashed his throbbing cock.  He lifted me on the counter and began to fuck me until my pussy was satisfied.  Without a word, I dressed and went back to orientation, my panties soaked with his and my cum.  Neither of us remembered the security camera, in essence making a hot Amateur Office Sex video on our first day on the job.

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