Amateur Drunk Sex: Waking With A Pussy Full Of A Stranger’s Cum

It was a regular girl’s night out. My friend and I were all dressed up, looking flawless and ready to have a good time. We were going to the hottest spot for college students. It was a modern bar where only the most gorgeous girls would be allowed in; I guess the appeal was in its exclusivity. I never imagined that I would wake up with a pussy full of cum. Also that I would be the victim of amateur drunk sex. But how did I found all this out, that is a story you’ll find incredibly amusing.

Drinks started pouring in once we got inside the bar. Every man buying the sexy blondes a shot, the blondes they wish they could take home. One guy, in particular, kept trying to make conversation as he drowned me in liquor. Of course, I took the alcohol, what was I supposed to do? Say no to freebies? As the night progressed, I felt drunker than I’ve ever been before. Everything started to be blurry and at some point. When I woke up from my shot induced nap, my top was down, exposing my perky breasts, I had no panties on, and my pussy filled with cum.

I walked over looking for my friends, so shocked at how I had woken up to, and when I couldn’t find them, I decided to go back to my dorm. When I arrived at my room, it was almost 5 am, and I decided to sleep it off since I knew that the hangover was going to be bad.

How did I found out I had amateur drunk sex?

After almost eight hours of recovering, I finally woke up and the first thing I grabbed was my phone. In it, I found what I suspected happened but was too afraid to admit. As I started browsing through my pictures, I noticed that there were a couple of them that were of me, half-conscious sucking a big thick cock. I then decided to look at my videos and there the mystery of my amateur drunk sex encounter revealed. My phone contained two long videos, the first was just me, sucking a strangers dick, like the pictures. But the second one was the one that took me over the edge.

I felt a bit violated, but the thought of his cock inside me, watching it on my phone while I didn’t remember turned me on so much. I spread my legs and started playing with my pussy. The video showed me, bent over and taking it from behind — a stranger’s cock balls deep in my tight young cunt. As I fingered myself and kept watching my very own amateur porn, I started remembering glimpses of my encounter. I could feel him inside me. Fucking me hard, and deep as I kept watching. Then, the stranger moans loud and pushed balls deep in me.

When he pulled out his dick from inside me, my pussy filled with cum, and then the video ends.

I now knew what had happened, and now I needed to know who the man was. I neede to find the stranger that had taken advantage of me so that he could do it again. After many attempts of me trying to remember who he was, I could never find him. All I have to remind me of one of the best creampie sex stories is an amateur drunk sex video on my phone.

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