My amateur cuckold Boss Don is the topic of my blog this week. As many of my amateur cuckold sex stories, this one will also linger in your kinky little mind for weeks. Don has been my boss for years. Needless to say, I will be getting my big promotion this year. While exploring his private computer the other day, I found some juicy information. BAM there it was filed under BBC Program. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure his little secret. Well, let’s just say Boss Don was going to be my new amateur cuckold bitch. Especially after I introduced him to my naughty fuck buddy Tyrone.

Tyrone’s Big Black Cock was one of the biggest cocks I have ever encountered. He was always dependable for breaking in some serious white boy ass and mouth.  As most of you know – I get off on humiliating me.  (Wicked Lil Laugh)  Nothing better than comparing their “small dick size” to BBC. Big Boss Don would be no different. (Serious Eyeroll) Especially the way he swings his balls and dick around this office. He expects everyone to jump. Trust me – no one fears him. Not even me, especially after today. I will have him right where I want him. Down on his knees -, sucking a big nigger dick. Amen – time to shut him up!  Tyrone will be fucking that mouth that barks out orders all day. Sad but true, Bossman didn’t stand a chance against Tyrone. Most white guys are a quarter the size of BBC.

I was tired of tweaking Don’s miniature dick. It was time to really show him who was really boss. Within minutes of forcing Don’s mouth down on the Big Black Cock, he was an owned bitch. Owned by Bull Tyrone!  He fluffed up that cock.  Got it nice and hard for my pussy to be fucked.  Soon he would be watching, as Tyrone fucked my wet pussy like a man.  Don wasn’t a real man. Eagerly I took every inch of his throbbing nigger cock deep into my snatch. Slowly I worked my finger over my clit, as he pounded me with every inch. Don’s eyes grew larger, as his cock only grow smaller compared to the BBC.

Soon Tyrone’s nigger dick would disappear into Don’s hungry mouth. Tyrone grabbed him by the back of his head and told him to suck his nigger dick! Hungry and not wanting to disappoint, he gagged taking down all 12 inches of his thick man meat. The tip of his cock was so wide, he almost couldn’t get his mouth around it, as he gagged with each inch thrust deep into the back of his throat.

Boss Don knew I was getting extremely turned on watching, as he humiliated Tyrone over and over. “Serve the Bull, you white little dick bitch.” chimed in Don’s head for days. He was no longer the “BOSS” of the office. He would now have to answer to King Bull Tyrone. Are you ready to be my new amateur cuckold bitch? Shall I turn you into a cuckie and feed you my creampie pussy?

Let me tell you more of my amateur cuckold stories. Can’t wait to add you to the list.

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