Looking for alt sex stories? Let’s get kinky.

Vanilla is still a flavor, but being the freak that I am I always enjoy alt sex stories. Here’s my strange dream from last night, transcripted for your xxx erotica pleasure:

Picture me as the sexy dentist whose half-buttoned cleavage is at perfect eye level with you, my patient. Have a hard time relaxing? Don’t worry, I have just the thing for that.

You’ll close your eyes as I press a surgical mask onto your face and begin to fill your lungs with nitrous oxide. Are you just high or does my grin as you drift off have an evil glint??

When you finally cum to, your mouth is forced WIDE open with a surgical gag. But neither my gloved fingers nor any of my surgical tools are inside.

What’s reaching to the back of your throat? A big, hard, thick black cock.

You try to cry out, yell for whatever this is to stop, but you can’t! His BBC is stuffing your little white throat and muffling your pathetic complaints, my pretty little whore.

All those sounds you’re making are just giving him more pleasure, making his fat black dick stiffer.

You see me smiling out of the corner of your eye and notice I’m holding something. You’re so out of it, you can’t quite register what it is. A camera? No, that’s impossible . . .

“Say cheese, faggot!” I chirp with demented joy. You (try to) let out another (stifled) howl as the flash goes off, making you my blackmail bitch forever.

Don’t look so upset, princess. Count your blessings. It’s not every day you get to deepthroat the biggest, blackest cock you’ve ever seen!

After he finishes in your mouth (and I coach you through swallowing EVERY drop of his creamy black jizz), you feel me putting the nitrous mask over your mouth again.

I’m laughing out loud as you pass out this time. But when you wake up, everything seems back to normal.

“All right, don’t forget to floss . . . see you next time!” And then I wink sadistically as you take your free toothbrush and scurry back to your car. 😉

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke