Alt Sex Stories: Enter My Dungeon of Orgasmic Horrors

Alt sex stories aren’t for everyone. I personally do have a darker side and think rough sex and morbid role plays can be pretty hot…

Halloween isn’t just about my pussy and your dick being as sweet as candy! I do love candy but sometimes it’s kinkier to take a more gruesome approach to satisfying every single one of our fetishes.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to get tied up? Or perhaps your alt sex stories fantasies involve kidnapping, choking, humiliation, torture, blood play or rape? I personally get super horny when playing out a hot, brutal rape fantasy!

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to walk on that blurry line between pain and pleasure… Perhaps a simple spanking is what you need? Kinky animal rape, such as horse sex? Kidnapping? Accomplice role-play sex? Or do you crave something more terrifying and taboo?

How about hopping over to the dark side and entering my dungeon of orgasmic horrors? I have the most sadistic cock and ball torture skills and will not stop, even if you beg me to. In fact, your shriveled balls may be well gone once I’m done with your feeble pathetic excuse of a human being!

Are you too afraid to talk about your twisted depraved taboo thoughts with your significant other? The type of taboo perversions that stiffen your cock and make you exxxplode like nothing else out there?

Now you don’t have to hide any longer. The devil incarnate herself wants to play with you! With me you’ll experience the most twisted accomplice phonesex and it’ll rock your world like never before!

No boundaries whatsoever – if you can imagine it, we can cum to it!

My perverted, wicked side has urged me to offer Halloween specials until October 31st. So call your extreme phone sex playmate at 1-888-413-5974 and let me violate every corner of your mind, body and soul by setting the stage for our deviant, torturous evil alt sex stories!

alt sex stories

alt sex stories