Alt Sex Stories – Feeding On A Mommy – Part 3

Alt Sex Stories – I thought Monday would never come when I would get to feed on her milk-laden breasts.  To taste her sweet pussy again.  It was a growing hunger and obsession.  All I could think about.  All I could dream about.  She walked in looking radiant and gorgeous as always.  No longer self-conscious about her post-baby body, she immediately pulled at the tie on her wrap around dress.  It fell open revealing those beautiful, heavy breasts.  Her dark pink nipples were already hard and I could see the glisten of her mommy juice.  I took her hand to lead her to my massage table.  I wanted to take good care of her again.  Like I’ve been wanting to do for days since she was last here with me.  Instead of laying down for me, she gently pushed me down on my back and crawled over me.  Kissing me urgently.

Her tongue darting in and out of my mouth.

She offered up her left breast as she straddled me.  I opened my mouth as I felt her milk let down and begin to squirt down my throat.  She moaned softly as I wrapped my lips around her nipple.  Trying to get as much as I could in my hot, eager mouth.  After I drained her, she offered up her right breast.  I wasted no time greedily taking her offering and suckling her with hungrily.  Her moans were getting louder as she began rocking back and forth.  As I was nursing from her, she surprised me as I felt her hand between my legs.  Under my short summer skirt, she pulled my soaking wet panties aside.  She slid two fingers inside my dripping, hungry cunt.  I came immediately all over her hand.

She brought it up to my mouth and together we shared and licked my juices.

I was begging at this point to taste her sweet pussy again.  She smiled and said, “Only if I can too.”  She changed positions so her hot hole was over my face.  I felt her moving my panties aside again.  Her breath was hot and then her sweet tongue was lapping and licking.  I breathed her in and moved her panties aside.  Sliding two fingers inside her while I suckled that hard little clit.  She growled as I felt her pussy pulse, contracting around my fingers as she came.  That alone, along with the feeling of her amazing tongue inside me  Pushed me over the edge and I climaxed harder than I have in a long time.  She climbed off my face, kissed me like a lover does and said she would see me on Wednesday.

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