Alt Sex Stories – Feeding On A Mommy Part One

Alt Sex Stories:  It started out as an average and normal day at my massage spa.  I was happy to see that one of my regular clients was booked for my first appointment.  She had been a long-term customer and was 8 months pregnant the last time I took care of her.  I did prenatal massages on her during her entire pregnancy.  She came in for her appointment with her baby boy in his carrier.  Just 2 months old.  She was tired and frustrated with engorged breasts trying to get him to feed but he wouldn’t wake to eat.  When I came back into the room, she was on her stomach and naked with the sheet over her lower body.  She was embarrassed about her appearance since she just had a baby but to me, she was incredibly beautiful.
I began my massage and under her breasts could see liquid spreading out on my table. 
She was quietly crying and I asked her what was wrong.  She told me that she’s leaking and apologized and said that it hurts.  Licking my lips, I asked her if I can help in any way and that I would.  She rolled over on her back and told me that she forgot her breast pump at home.  I propped her head up to make her comfortable and leaned forward and started sucking her left full breast.  Feeling the milk in my mouth and drinking it down my throat.  It was warm and sweet.  Suckling and loving it.  I drained it.  And she came.
I asked her if that always happens and she was ashamed and said that it does sometimes.  Her husband won’t touch her.  I move around the table to her right full breast and start to feed.  She relaxes completely.  I drain that side and she books another appointment for tomorrow.  I normally don’t cross the intimacy line with a client but I am SO going to this time!

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