Dear Diary: My Very First Lesbian Experience

I think I’m finally ready to take my first step in exploring my sexual desires. Never thought I would be the type of woman who fooled around behind her husband’s back, other women did that sort of thing. I feel bad for him; he has no idea I’m having these thoughts or that I’m starting to act out on them. Having sex with another man is something I’m gearing up for, because that would mean I really was breaking my vows and it’s a big step. Instead I’m going to bend the rules a bit and engage in my first lesbian experience. I find women attractive; they’re so much softer and playful then men are plus they know how great foreplay is. Men are rougher and more focused on their own pleasure which isn’t always fun for me. My husband’s a pastor so we tend to socialize with people who have similar lifestyles to our own so I had to be careful with who I chose.

It had to be someone I was comfortable with, but also someone I wouldn’t run into with my husband when we were out shopping. The only person I could think of was Melissa. She’s a friend of a friend and I’ve enjoyed the few times we hung out together. I know she’s a lesbian and I think she’d be the best person to live out my first lesbian experience with. She is a bit wild too, so I emailed her. She was interested in meeting and I told my husband I was seeing a friend for lunch. I drove to her place and she took me right to the bedroom. I felt so nervous but Melissa was good about relaxing. She took her time and helped me undress while giving me little kisses. Her lips felt soft and I could smell her vanilla soap as her body pressed against mine.

When I was naked I did the same to her, taking off her top before moving on to the rest. I felt so naughty as I looked at her breasts and I reached out to touch them. I cupped them in my hands and gently squeezed them. Her nipples were hard and the rest of her was soft, but firm. She let me explore her body then she murmured “Come on.” We laid down on the bed and her hair brushed over me as we kissed long and hard, her tongue pushing past my lips and flicking over me. Her hand went between my legs and I froze for a second then felt her finger stroking my lips. She then pushed a finger inside and slowly pumped it as I got wetter. My heart was pounding and I felt so turned on as she pulled away from me, looked me in the eyes and slid her tongue down my body. She stopped
when she got to my pussy and I felt her breath on me as she put her mouth on it.

Her tongue licked over my lip and I shivered as she pushed it inside. She licked over my pussy, massaging my walls as she moved faster. I rocked my hips, moving with pleasure as she slid up to my clit and rubbed it. Little shudders went through me as she licked and sucked on my clit, teasing it until I was holding her head down and crying out. I came hard and my pussy gushed all over her face as her tongue pressed down on my clit. Melissa slid her tongue out of me then laid down beside me as I caught my breath. I couldn’t believe I had just done that, it had been amazing. It was like I was on a high and I didn’t want it to end. I know I’m going to need more of this excitement in
my life, there’s no way I’m turning back to my old life. This may have been my first lesbian experience, but it certainly isn’t my last! Are you interested in hearing every juicy detail? I’d love to tell you and listen while you blow your wad thinking about me and another hot woman darlin!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke