alt sex stories of extreme youth get me so aroused

Dawn and I do love age play phonesex but sometimes my desire gets to strong. That is when we start a new alt sex story sequence from life. Alt sex stories for Dawn and myself include her sitting in the back seat of my car. She is waiting with me for another chance to create accomplice phonesex story. I feel it starting.

Here it comes again. That feeling I get. You know, the one I can’t control that I know will get me into trouble if I act on it. I feel it in my gut, in my groin. I can’t stop thinking about her, this sweet extremely young thing. Knowing it’s wrong. I know she is too young for me to want her so badly. But isn’t it true, the fact that it is so wrong is the reason it is so taboo. We try but we can’t control ourselves? Where would be the fun if what we wanted was right?

As usual, she is walking down the same block that she does at the same time every day. My God, you say out loud. Does she ever wear anything but jeans? This is her fault. She knows what she’s doing to men like me. That sweet little bubble but and tiny button and zipper exposed for all to see.

She wants me to stare. Right?

We are in my car parked in the parking lot across the street from where she is walking. I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time. It’s now or never. I’m afraid if we don’t do it today we never will. My pre-cum is soaking thru my jeans.

I pull out of the parking lot and pull beside her and say……..

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