Alone in The Dental Office; Gotta Fuck The IT Guy!

Who doesn’t love a little suck and fuck in a dental office? I went into the dental office over the weekend to get an order placed. I had to dig through the supplies and figure out exactly what was needed. Then I got a phone call while I was searching through the closet from my boss. “Hey Jillian! We’ve been having some problems with our computers the last few days. An IT guy is on his way over to fix it. Can you please let him in?” I agreed and hung up the phone.

An hour or so later I heard the knock at the back door. I looked up to find a very attractive man standing there.

I let him in and showed him to the computers. So I quickly went back to my own work. I’d only worn a sundress due to the warm weather. I had to be careful not to bend to far over. I was sitting on one of the computers just finishing the order when he approached me and asked if he could see the computer. He gave me a few to finish my stuff up. He sat down and we started chatting.

I stood to move away from the computer and accidentally slipped on some paper. I fell to the floor in a complete mess; legs spread, dress flown up, and everything exposed. He reached out a hand to help me up. I quickly took it. I found myself pulled up into his arms, my face right at his chest. Oh dear god I wanted to fuck him! I looked up and quickly felt his lips on mine. I shot my hands up his chest and grabbed his shirt as I kissed him back.

As we were kissing we started to pull our clothing off. I got him out of his pants and shirt as he quickly pulled my dress up and over my head. I was left standing there in my g-string and no bra. His erection had already poked through his boxers and his perfect mushroom head was exposed. I reached forward and grabbed him hard in my hand. He moaned loudly. I felt his hands on my shoulders as he spun me around and bent me over the dental chair.

I braced myself knowing this was going to be an amazing fuck!

He pulled my panties to the side and pushed his massive cock right into me. I arched my back to accommodate every inch! He grabbed my hips and went to town on me. Slapping our bodies together harder and faster. I could feel myself quiver under him, my climax approaching quickly. I dug my nails into the chair and screamed out in pleasure! My body lost all control as my orgasm coursed through me. He stilled very quickly as he pumped his load inside of me.

We exchanged Phone Sex Numbers and plan on getting together for another fuck soon!

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