Alienlingus: I Got Abducted and Ate Alien Ass In My Dream!

Alienlingus? It is the act of eating alien ass. And lately, my dreams have been super vivid and crazy. I cannot believe what my brain comes up with in this new alien sex dream.

It was a night like any other. But, I just got done watching Ancient Aliens because I am a little bored and need something interesting to watch. I decide it’s time for bed and get completely naked and get comfy in my blanket. Soon enough I am dozing off and fall asleep.

I wake up and there is a bright light filling my room. I sit up in bed and feel my body start to go weightless and I feel myself start to like rise up out of my bed! Screaming, I try and hold onto my bed but then a flash of light comes and I am in a room of nothing but white and a steel looking table which I am sitting on. I swear I have been somewhere like this before.

Then I feel my body get heavier and heavier and I can no longer move. I try screaming and nothing comes out. Soon enough, a being comes in and I hear them say “Do not worry, Earthling. There is nothing to worry about.”

I start to panic, internally.

My arms and legs will not move at all even though I am trying my hardest to stand up. The creature then puts its hand on my shoulder and I feel calm.  Then I look down with just my eyes and see this MASSIVE cock in between its legs. I look back up into his huge black eyes and he caresses my right breast.

All I can think is “God damn. I wonder what that dick feels like.” He says to me, without moving his mouth, “Since you are calm now, I will give you the ability to move again. As long as you don’t try and fight.”

My body then becomes lighter and I am able to move again. I then put my hand on his chest and feel like a buzzing coming from inside. I imagine that is his heart or something like that. Who knows… he is an alien.

Slowly I start to trail down his body with my hand and then reach his cock and grab a hold of it, feeling it get hard in my grip. I start to stroke his massive dick with both of my hands. He leans his head back in delight and I then take charge. I lean him over the table and then start caressing his ass.

And let me tell you that alien had cakes for days. I spread his grayish cheeks and start to lick and think about what this is. It’s more than an anilingus… it’s alienlingus. I am absolutely loving licking alien ass!

As everyone knows, I am an ass lover, myself. And this was taking my ass loving to new heights. Literally! I reach around and start to stroke his cock again.

He then makes a kind of chirping sound which I think is like moaning.

And then he takes charge. He bends me over the steel examination table and uses his LONG, wet tongue to lick my pussy and ass from behind. And then stands up and takes his gigantic cock and rubs it between my legs. I spread my legs for him and then help him guide it into my tight little pussy.

It feels way too big so I spit on my hand and I rub the tip of his cock and it slides in pretty easily. He then starts to pound me from behind. I moan load because this was some crazy kind of sex! He practically vibrated into me and his cock felt like it was vibrating in me as well.

Soon I feel my body start to tense up and my pussy starts to tremble. He then starts going harder and faster. I then cum harder than any human man has ever made me cum before. It’s an otherworldly feeling and I then wake up.

I sit up in bed and sigh and think about how crazy that dream was. Wow!

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