I think I might have an ageplay foot fetish. Ageplay is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. I’m young already, and I enjoy playing with, and teasing, older men so it fits! There’s an extra level of pleasure derived for me from foot worship though, especially if it’s from an older man. I’d love for you to get a taste of my ageplay foot fetish. One sweet taste and there may be no going back!

Submit to Your Little Princess

The first step in pleasing me during one of these sessions is mutually deciding my age. I feel like the younger I am, the hotter it is! Then, once we decide on age, the fun can really begin. You’ll want to do one of two things: spoil your princess or seek instruction from her. Either way, this really is all about submission. You understand keeping me happy helps keep you happy too. As soon as you recognize that, the better. (Oh my, I do sound like a bit of a brat, don’t I?)

Don’t You Love My Feet?

I take submission one step further because I actually want you to worship my cute little feet. Imagine me sitting before you, letting you remove my tiny shoes! From there, it’s all up to you how we will proceed.

If you’re into SPH then I will absolutely have you lick my feet clean, from the soles to the tips of my toes. Then, you’ll work your tongue between each of my toes just in case there’s some sock lint left. Does it make your tiny little clit of a cock twitch knowing you’re pleasing me? Good. After I’m all clean and you’ve thoroughly worshiped my feet with your mouth, I’ll probably allow you to see the pussy you’ll never have. That desperate look on your face when my thighs spread and you rub that tiny dick while you’re still on your knees makes me so happy. If you ask nicely, you may even be allowed to use my high arches to make yourself feel good and finish all over.

If you’re not into SPH but still want to please your princess, you can lie back and let me tease you with my wiggly toes against the front of your pants. It’s pretty naughty when I want attention in public and you feel my little foot rubbing against your cock under the table at the restaurant. Do you know what will help satiate my ageplay foot fetish in that case?

Ageplay Foot Fetish: Let Me Touch It!

The only way your little one will stop being so naughty is if you pull out your cock and let me play with it! I want to run my soft feet up and down that hardening dick once it’s out of your pants. Then, I can use my toes to touch your balls, squirm against your thighs. After that, I close my tiny feet right around the base and lift my legs up and down. How you rock your head back when I give you the best, smallest, softest foot job makes me so happy.

When I spread my legs to show you my pink pussy as my feet work you over, I get so turned on. I know how badly you want to rut against my body and stuff that thick cock inside me. Denying you that, while offering you a glimpse of it, and milking you with my feet makes me soaked just thinking about it.

Even Sissies Can Join In the Fun

I love playing with sissies and that includes JOI sissification. It’s lots of fun wearing the highest of heels with a sissy, instructing them how to prance around on a stiletto. You’ll love learning how to be a pretty princess just like me!


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