Age Play Sexual Satisfaction and the Opening of the Young One

Age play sexual satisfaction gets a bad rep.  It’s always assumed that the young one doesn’t fully understand what’s happening and moreover, doesn’t want it. That is not always true!  Some of us are quite randy at a very young age and we know exactly how to get you to give it to us. Even when you think it was your idea!

Furthermore, teen phone sex has nothing on the really good stuff; the younger the better, right? We’re sort of like any other animal. When trained correctly, it’s so much better.

We can be trained on your wiener like a babe on a pacifier.

All gums, Daddy! Num-num. And, don’t even get started on anal sex penetration. That’s a whole other story! So, as I was saying before I got myself distracted with the memories. Pastor Tom always held me a little too tight and for a little too long after Sunday School. And I recall the tingles that shot through me when he did it and no one was around. Next came the times he came into chorus looking a little angry and instructed me to get to his office, “NOW!”

All the other kids laughed as I scurried off.  You know, I think the music teacher knew; she always gave me a knowing squint over her thick glasses.  But, she never did anything to stop it. No adults like to stop it.

And I knew their secret as to why!

Because we all remember being a youngster and how good all that adult attention felt. We all crave human touch and we ALL love knowing that we, being children, can satisfy and adult fully. I let my teachers, my Daddy, uncles, and cousins all think they were first at-bat with me. But, alas, it was old Mr. Ferguson down the block. That at fucker had a hard-on for me from jump street.

He bought more of my school candy and scout stuff than anyone and he just loved “delivery” day. He got to work for a hand all over my warm, chubby kid thighs and I am not a bit ashamed to tell ya, I creamed my panties every time!

A little girl needs to know who’s boss, and age plays sexual satisfaction was how I got the job done!

My mama taught me what men wanted. She taught me how they always need to feel like the idea is theirs, no matter what.  She instructed me to cry when they first slip that giant man-sized cock inside me. Then, I learned to moan with the thrusts and grip my pussy lips around his cock.

Every movement, every sigh, and moan made to make a man feel like a MAN! And, best yet? I didn’t then, nor do I now have to fake an orgasm.  I learned young. That makes a world of difference. When you’re a young girl (or, boy) you get the feeling and then the craving for cock.

Get what you want from that little one!

Daddy just recently told me that the first time we did it that he fell in love with his own daughter. I felt the same way about him.  Even though he would refer to me as his “whore”, I always knew Daddy preferred me to My Mama. I delighted in how he snubbed her, then came to my room to open my little pussy with his thumbs before kissing my cunt deeply, and all the while moaning with a kind of pleasure that only I bring him.

I promised Daddy and all our kinfolk that I will ALWAYS be the favorite of the family and bring each of them (individually and in tandem) all the pleasure a soul can handle.

If YOU have great urges for young pussy stories, you’ll never be more satisfied.  Try me, you’ll LOVE me! I am Dixie Lee.

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