Anal Sex Penetration To Make Him Blow Hard All Night!

Anal Sex Penetration is something you have to work on, Honey! You can’t just be sticking your cock all over the place willy-nilly! It’s not something you can battering ram. Oh, no. It’s to be finessed. You can’t just go battering ram on a precious tight hole. Well, not if you plan to use it again. If you start off almost fraidy-cat and tender, you’ll have a hole that pleasures you for years to come, Darlin’.

Start with soft, warm, caressing kisses, then move on to the kiss. That’s right, Babe. Glide that strong tongue through the doors of her kingdom of bliss and enjoy the spoils of war!

Take your time, Darlin’ and give her the ride of a lifetime!

Half the hesitation of anal sex is the speed at which you travel to the promised land! Take the time and you’ll be rewarded in the end. She wants it as much as you do, but no woman’s gonna just whore-up and tell ya she’s been taking it up the ass. So, let her make YOU think you’re the first and only man to go that far south. I mean, have you done some nasty shit with women who aren’t her? Then, let her have the same leeway. She’s been around a time or two. Just let her make you feel special. Let her open up to you and give her a “No, Baby. Don’t”

Just smile when she moans that. It won’t hurt you to play along with her fantasy. Because she probably secretly wishes it was you she first gave it to anyway!

We all make mistakes, but there are no ‘do-overs’ in life.

So, let’s play ‘make-believe’ and go back to a time way back when. Remember when that hot girl in high school first let you lick it? Well, today I’m gonna lick you like that and you’ll feel it through your phone! Close your eyes and feel my tongue gliding over those tight, full fucking balls. Let your head drop back and feel my tongue alone flicking that magic hole before I slip it in your back door.

Let it go. Shhhh. It’s our sexy, naughty secret taboo time and I’m gonna give it all to you. Plunging your man-pussy with the thick of my tongue as I stroke you into oblivion. I bet you never knew you could feel this fucking good, did ya?

Open the backdoor for some sneak action!

Your pleasure zone is no secret to us women and I know how to take you especially hard. Good technique is what’s needed in addition to finesse. Eye contact, touch, breathing. They all take a part in the seduction of your ass. Let me find the right spot to make you moan and then let me take you all the way where you don’t dare venture alone. I’ll make you my little bitch. My slut du jour as they say. I’ll get you in trouble, boy! You can count on that!

I’ll make you beg for release when I strap it on for you. I know you’ll beg me for the reprieve, but it ain’t comin’, Darlin’! You’ll get to know what my limits are and that there ain’t none! I’ll own you, mind, body and your weekend soul!

Accepting your fate is everything to me.

When we play with anal sex penetration, the rest of the world can just fade away. Anything you want of me. You’ll be drowning in all the things I’m thinking of with you. And I’ll give it all to you. Furthermore, all that’s required is your obedience to get this thing taken care of. Breathe deeply and let me take you. Pleasures you either never had, or ones you’ve longed for are available with me. I’m a lady with the heart of a whore and I’m looking to get you on board with your nasty.

Can you let go enough, Darlin’? Maybe get into some Cartoon Porn with Daddy? I’ll keep a secret till the day I die, but you’ve gotta stop fucking around with half-truths. So, just admit what you need and let’s play! I’m a one-stop-shop for all your fetish phone sex needs. And maybe now is the time for deep Anal Sex Penetration.

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