BBC cock. This little pussy  never tried it. I had plenty of cock but never the creme de la creme. Daddy had no clue I was such a little slut. I loved to fuck older men. I wanted a

BBC though. Just there wasn’t very many African American men around where I lived, *that’s the truth! I always loved when daddy would have some of his clients come over for dinner. I was never really sure what he did. Just knew it was something to do with high finances.

We lived a lavish life style, only that was going to all come crashing down around us. Daddy was pacing and disheveled. Nothing like his usual self. There was a man sitting on the sofa. Well dressed and beyond sexy. He had the darkest ebony skin. Smooth skin and a dangerous look to go with it.

I sauntered in with an evil cat grin and asked what was going on. The man took a long hard look at me, eye’d me up and down. He licked his lips and looked back at my father. In a heavy accent I couldn’t place he said to my father “She will do, for a time if you want to live.” the man said.

Daddy looked at me and started to say no, but he knew he was in a pinch. I could see this guy was serious.The  love I had for my daddy and our lavish life trumped everything. I walked over to the man and put on my sexiest smile. Taking his hand I tugged him up.

We walked silently back to my room. Once inside I turned and gave him a sultry kiss. My hands worked on his belt trying to get to his cock. My pussy was already wet as I sucked on his full bottom lip. Working his hard cock out I felt how large he was. 10 inches or more fell out and into my hand.

Oh I wanted him inside of me. I knew I could take it! Falling to my knees I worked his BBC in and out of my wet willing mouth. He tasted amazing, his balls were firm and large. I licked down the length and sucked on them. This was gonna be a huge load! The biggest I ever had.

He held me by my hair roughly and fucked my face. Gagging  spit rolled down my chin. After a few pumps he pulled out of my drooling mouth.

He grabbed my by the hair and pulled me up only to push my face into the mattress. Zero warning, my pussy was drenched and ready. His huge BBC dick rammed into my cunt hard and fast. I moaned so loud I think my father heard me.

Hey I was helping the family out! I was gonna enjoy it if I could. Several smacks landed on my ass. It hurt but intensified the feeling of him fucking me. Trying my hardest, I squeezed his BBC. Only thing was he was too big.

That fucker didn’t even let me cum. I felt him spill into me. Ropes of thick cum oozed out of my tight pussy. With a slap on the ass he pulled his pants back up. Standing in the door he smiled and said next time I would have my orgasm if I earned it.


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