After Vulcan Sex Games – Pon Farr Goes Just Far Enough.

After Vulcan Sex Games, you never know what will happen! Waking up next to a sleeping Vulcan who had spent last night plowing my pussy and ass so hard they were still sore was a new experience for me. Walking gingerly to the shower, I washed off and checked out my form. No blood, that’s always a good sign, and I must admit I was kind of impressed with myself that I could take Stovak’s monster cock and still want more.

Walking back into the room, I saw him still sleeping, lying naked on the remnants of the bed. Looking at him, I found myself growing horny again, and decided it was my turn to take charge. I rolled him onto his back and took his limp dick in my hand, stroking it gently. I watched as it grew and grew, enabling me to put both my hands on it and stroke it to full erection.

What Happens After Vulcan Sex Games?

“Joey, what?” Stovak murmured, waking up to see me stroking his cock up and down while running my tongue over and around his huge dark green cock head. Grinning at him, I opened my mouth wide and took his head in my mouth. Listening to him moan was a great aphrodisiac and I started to slide my head down his shaft, wanting to find out how much I could take.

“Ohhhh, Fuck, Joey” he stammered, my mouth about halfway down his shaft. Hahaha. this is AFTER Vulcan sex games! So, I started bobbing my head up and down, relishing the alien taste of his cock as I heard him muttering something in Vulcan I couldn’t quite understand. Gradually I picked up speed, sucking him faster, getting more of him down my throat until I had about 12 inches of his glorious prick in my mouth.

Say YES, to Hot Sex Games!

After Vulcan sex games, I felt his cock start to twitch, I knew he was close to cumming. Well, that, and the look in his eyes. At that moment, I wanted to taste him, so I sucked harder, running my tongue under the ridge of his cockhead. I could hear him moaning, and feel him try to pull out of my mouth, but I was determined to taste Vulcan cum, so I kept at it, sucking and licking his gorgeous cock. At that point, I’m ready for some hot swingers event. Bring it on, Pon Farr!

“Joey, I’m going to cum!”

“That’s what I want, Stovak, I want to taste you.”

“But Joey” he gasped

I didn’t care what he was trying to say, I wanted his Vulcan juice, so I just kept sucking him harder and faster, determined to make him cum down my throat. With a garbled scream, Stovak came, and that’s when I remembered he was a Vulcan the day after Pon Farr. See, if you haven’t had a release in 7 years, you’ve got a lot of juice built up. It’s TIME for Vulcan sex games!

Oh! More, Please!

However, I was able to swallow about a shot glass full of his tangy seed. The rest of what must have been a pint went on my face, tits, hair, stomach… I had never seen or heard of that much cum in my life. I’ll tell you all about it in hot phone sex!

Needless to say, the next shower I took lasted a lot longer, because Stovak, my Vulcan lover, joined me. So, do you want to hear what we did next in my Vulcan sex games? Call me. I’ll show you around! LOL.


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