My Affair with Mrs. Thomas

My Affair with Mrs. Thomas. It seemed I was hired at the perfect time.  Mr. Thomas and his wife were in a downward spiral of their marriage.  I listened to the arguments get worse and worse as the months went by.  They were an older couple, set in their ways, and together, boring to the core.  It was almost as if they were reading a script that broke in weekly fights over Mr. Thomas working too many hours and always leaving Mrs. Thomas to her own devises.

I didn’t understand it much myself.  Mrs. Thomas, although in her late forties, was stunning in every way.  Her long dark hair flowed down her back, her tits were perky and full, her ass firm yet voluptuous, and her legs long and lean.  She was picture perfect housewife material.  I spent many nights home alone with her after my duties were done, listening to how unhappy she was with her marriage.  I couldn’t imagine how any woman so beautiful could be so sad and lonely.

Over time, not only was I the Thomas’s maid, but I also became Mrs. Thomas trusted friend and confidant.  I’m not sure if she knew the sexual tension I was feeling for her at first, but that all changed.  Mr. Thomas had just left for another lengthy business trip.  We sat in the parlor sipping wine when the chat turned sexual.  I asked Mrs. Thomas how many men she had been with before her marriage.  She blushed and said only one other man.  I than asked how if she had even been with a woman…  Her face burned red as she said no but she had thought about it.

I slid to the end of my seat, my short skirt riding up, exposing the top of my thigh highs.

 I knew the timing was perfect.  She was desperate for affection and also a little tipsy from the wine.   I ran my fingers through her long hair and kissed her lips passionately.  She tasted sweet and I could imagine how good her pussy would taste.  Her tongue intertwined with mine as I straddled her thighs.  Her hands shyly caressing my back and slowly moved towards my ass.

I could tell she was beyond nervous so I knew I would have to take the lead.  I took her hand and stood her up, sliding her dress of, revealing her perfect breasts.  She stood before me in a cream satin bra and panties with black lace trim.  She sat back on the couch as I slid her panties off her hips.  Her puffy pussy lips were smoothly shaven and surprisingly wet.  I slid my arms under her thighs, holding her legs open wide with my hands.  I flicked my tongue across her clit, lightly sucking and circling.  She moaned as her hips rocked back and forth, grinding her sweet pussy into my mouth.

Her thighs began to shake as I slide two fingers inside her tight pussy.

 She was dripping wet as I dove my fingers as far as they could go.  I looked up and saw her pinching her hard nipples, her eyes rolled back in bliss.  I worked my fingers into her special spot, milking her g-spot for all it was worth.  As I sucked her clit harder I felt her pussy walls tightening, she was getting ready to cum hard! She screamed in pleasure as a rush of fluid coated my fingers.

I slid my fingers out and watched her laying breathless on the couch.  She was amazed and also stunned by what had just transpired.  We became secret lovers, two women trapped in a naughty affair.

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