As a teen babysitter – I knew there might be extra work

When I was a teen, there was this single father I used to sit for a few houses down from me. He was a nice man, or seemed so, and he had two nice kids that never posed any problems for me. After they went to sleep, I’d usually call my boyfriend over and we’d fool around on the sofa. The dad was dating some lady and went out a few times a week usually, so I would do my homework, or just watch t.v. or have sex with my boyfriend and he’d go home around a half hour before the dad was due to come home. I liked being his babysitter.

One time however, he came home early and I was in the middle of having sex with my boyfriend on the couch when he came back in. I was mortified. My boyfriend ran out and I was left there naked on the sofa scrambling to get my clothes back on when he said don’t get dressed. I was shocked and didn’t know what to say, I sat there naked, arms folded across my breasts not knowing what to do. He said he’d finish what my boyfriend had started, and if I said no, he’d tell my parents what he’d walked in on my boyfriend and I doing. I was young and scared and didn’t really know what to do, so I gave in.

I didn’t want to be told on

He took his clothes of and said his girlfriend hadn’t felt well so he took her home early and here he was all horny and he’d expected to get laid tonight and now he comes home and finds me in the middle of sex with my boyfriend, I would do to finish off the job. I said ok, since my parents would flip, they were strict churchgoers and this would not go over well with them at all, so he put his cock in front of me and I took it in my hands and started to suck on it, it was already dripping precum and I licked it off, just like I had for my boyfriend a hundred times or more. He didn’t taste that different, and his cock was actually bigger than my boyfriends.

After I’d sucked on his cock for a while, he told me to get up and bend over the back of the sofa and he entered me from behind. I could feel him stretching my pussy as he pushed into me. He grabbed my tits from behind and roughly pulled me back and said how tight my teen pussy was in comparison to his girlfriends. He said he’d thought about fucking me before, but just never got his chance yet and he knew this was it. In one way I was mad, I didn’t deserve to be blackmailed like this, but on the other hand, he was a good fuck and he had a lot more experience than my boyfriend did that was the same age as me, and it showed, I was already feeling very hot and aroused.

I could feel his full balls slapping against my ass as he thrust into me over and over and pounded my teen cunt, I was about to cum and he squeezed my tits in his hand and I came on his hard cock and as soon as he felt me clench down in orgasmic spasm, he shot his load into me, his babysitter, right there in the living room as his kids slept upstairs. It was hot and I came hard. I got dressed and he tossed more than the usual amount of money on the coffee table. I felt like a paid for slut by him doing that, but of course I always wanted more money, so was glad for it and wondered if it would happen again.
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