I did something very naughty last weekend, and I hope no one will find out about it, but it just felt so right, no one was getting hurt and I just couldn’t resist. The people next door were going away for the day to a wedding and their teenage son didn’t want to go, but they didn’t trust him to be home all alone and not have a bunch of friends over that would wreak havoc, so I said I could stay for the day. I had some stuff on the computer I could work on, so it wasn’t any big deal to do it in their living room rather than mine and they felt better about it, so I said it was not a problem.

This kid of theirs is a hot teen, and grown into quite a handsome boy, he’s already got girls after him, and I can see why. Does that sound naughty for me to say that when he’s that age? Well, when I went over, he was in his room and I set up my computer and some books on the living room coffee table, and was working away. After a couple of hours I thought I better go check on him so I went upstairs. I could hear moaning coming from the bedroom. I pushed open the door, as it was open a crack. He was watching porn on his computer. He heard me come in and closed his computer and looked embarrassed.



I said it’s ok, it’s only natural. He seemed surprised at my attitude. I could see he had a boner in his pants, he hadn’t touched himself yet. He could see me staring at it and tried to cover it up. I said, “No, I want to see you touch it.” His eyes widened so, I nearly burst out laughing at his look of shock. “Masturbate for me.” I sat on the edge of his bed and he was in his desk chair looking like a deer caught in the headlights. I watched him slowly unzip his jeans and pull his young, teenage cock out and it looked so hard. He started to rub it up and down, he was no stranger to this, I could tell that much. His hand moved up and down his young, hard shaft and moved faster and faster.

I was getting turned on watching him, and with out saying a word, lifted my skirt and pulled my panties off and started rubbing my pussy as he watched me. He looked like he’d died and gone to heaven! I was quite wet and he could hear that squishy sound as my fingers worked my clit. His strokes increased in speed, as did my fingers, and his young pre cum was being smoothed all over his dick, fuck it looked good, but I knew I was being naughty enough doing this much. My fingers teased my juicy pussy and I wanted his cock so bad. He erupted his seed all over his thigh and I came seconds after. He looked so happy, and now I had plans for this young man down the road….
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