Adult sex stories can get really hot when you’re already sweaty!

Adult sex stories can happen anywhere, really, which is why they are so varied and fun. A few years ago, I got to have sex with my incredibly hot dance teacher in the dance studio!

I had decided to take a pole dancing class. It’s a great workout and I figured it couldn’t hurt my skills in the bedroom, either! My instructor was a hot black guy, it was hard to concentrate on the class with him in the room.

Thankfully, it didn’t seem like my lust was one-sided. Every time I found myself starting to stare, he ended up meeting my gaze.  I wasn’t sure the best way to approach it since he was my teacher, but I couldn’t let the class end without saying something, could I?

After class one day I walked up to him, still toweling off from the workout. Without a word, I pressed myself against him and grabbed his enormous bulge. He didn’t even hesitate, he picked me up and pressed me against the wall, covering my mouth with his.

I wrapped my legs around him, his big black cock hard against me through my thin yoga pants. He pulled his shorts down and my yoga pants in what seemed like one movement and I was filled with his big black cock.

I needed his cum

My pussy was dripping as he fucked me hard, pounding me against the wall.  I got louder as I got closer, the pleasure building to my orgasm. He told me he was going to cum, too, and asked me where I wanted it. I told him to cum inside me and he did, almost immediately. We came together, both yelling out, the sound echoing in the empty dance studio.

Sometimes I fuck a teacher, sometimes my hot sex stories are about a sexy photographer!

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