Adult Sex Stories Have No Rules!

What are your forbidden adult sex stories fantasies?  We all have a hunger inside for something taboo.  I’m sure we have all toyed with the dark and twisted sex games.  Everyone has a vice that grips them internally, a craving that can be managed by other distractions or sometimes those longings come back to grab us.

My Grandpa on my mother’s side was a sweet man.  I remember fond visits to his house, the long summers, fun games, and so much more.  Swimming in the pool was another reason to go to Grandpa’s house.  Grandpa was the man to go to when mommy wouldn’t give me something I wanted.  After all, isn’t that what grandparents do, spoil their grandchildren?

One day we went to the park to play.  Grandma joined us that day.  While we were there, he would look at all the young girls and boys playing on the slide, or the swing.  The girls were dressed in cute jumpers, and the boys in cute jean shorts.  The young girls looked so adorable with their swinging braids and curls.

It was fascinating watching Grandpa stare at the young ones under his shades.  Once in a while, he would adjust himself to get a better view or move his pants to be more comfortable.  When I think about it in retrospect, Grandpa was probably so hard under his pants.

Grandma took me aside and told me a startling confession.  They both loved little ones.  Many years ago they had planned to take a little girl home.   Grandpa would have Grandma go to the park or nearby school and watch the little ones for a perfect playmate.  At night Grandpa would talk about the perfect playmate and what they would do to her after they brought her home.

Promises of coloring, toys, and candy would lure the curious one into the car.  After they got home Grandma would undress her slowly.  Grandpa would spread those tiny legs and enjoy sweet treat between her legs.  Grandma would suck on her little candy dot nipples.  They didn’t want to hurt her just have fun.

After that, they would carry her to their room where he would slowly make love to her and enter her tight bald hole for the first time.  She may scream a little but that’s what excited Grandpa.  While he was inside of her Grandma would sit over her face and make her lick her candy clit till she would ooze her cum on that pretty innocent face.

There are so many other twisted cravings Grandpa wanted.  I’ll save those adult sex stories for later.  I’d love to hear all about your secret desires.

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